SMN v5.1 ParticleDraw Quick Help

by John Ringland [] (2006-02-26)

You can also jump to the brief Getting Started hints below if this is your first time or see the more detailed help file or look on the web for more details about ParticleDraw and what it represents.

Most Used Hotkeys:


Drawing: Model Design:

All Hotkeys


  • q = Query the program's state (i.e. it's operational parameters and modes, also see the main window title bar)
  • M = toggle fullscreen window
  • F1 = Help screen
  • I = change the Idle Threshold, (large values means the engine goes onto idle easily) Empirical Transcendent:


    If one left clicks on a particle one can move it to a new position on the screen. In billiards mode one uses the left mouse button to apply an impulse force to particles. Press 'b' to toggle between these modes. In billiards mode one can shoot particles around using the mouse as a billiard cue. One can also edit associations in associating mode.

    If one right clicks on a particle its observable state is displayed (e.g. position, velocity, force) and one can edit the values to construct scenarios.

    I will describe the new options in time, but most of the interface should be self explanatory.

    Getting Started:

    How to draw with it...