SMN v4.1 Game of Life

SMN Game of Life is an SMN based implementation of the classic "Game of Life" from the field of cellular automata.

This version illustrates some of the functionality of SMN, such as the use of sparse matrices and energy flow processing.

This is a DOS based program and it should run on all windows systems (linux versions coming soon).

View the Public Notice that accompanied the release of SMN Particle Simulator v3.1, but which is relevant to all of these SMN examples.

Download Software [539 Kb (it includes some pre-computed models), Dos/Windows], just unzip and run “Life.bat”. Note: this version will be updated regularly until it reaches a steady state (this version uploaded on 2006/02/06) Note: any d41 files made with previous versions will need to be re-computed and saved again.

View the ReadMe.txt file.

More information on the SMN system modeling paradigm. In particular the SMN high level design.

There are also other programs.

Note: the simulation is not meant to be a fully featured program, this is just a simple illustration of some of the capacities of the SMN modeling paradigm.

Some Images created using SMN Dynamic Draw

A few stages in the evolution from an infinity sign into a CP-Pulsar.

A few stages in the evolution from a simple seed into a complex dynamical phenomenon that eventually dies down into a static state.