SMN Particle Simulator v3.1

This version has been superceded by: SMN v5.1 ParticleDraw

This is a DOS based program and it should run on all windows systems; it has been tested on win3.1, win98, win2000 and winXP (linux versions coming soon).

View the Public Notice that announces this release.

Download Software (211 Kb, Dos/Windows), just unzip and run “particle.bat”.

View the ReadMe.txt file.

More information on the SMN system modeling paradigm. In particular the SMN high level design.

There are also other programs.

SMN Particle Simulator is an SMN based simulation context for arbitrary systems of particles.

Previously the system models where just long streams of numbers that one had to interpret to understand what was happening in the simulation. But now I've added a simple interface so that one can watch the systems as they evovle and one can use the mouse to drag them around and change their properties so people can now play with the models.

In ver3.1 the interface has been enhanced to provide more flexible interaction with the system model. Now one can edit many of the simulation parameters and load or construct new system models.

Note: the simulation is not meant to be physically realistic to the n'th degree, this is just a simple illustration of some of the capacities of the SMN modeling paradigm.

Click on the images below to see the full screen shot.

A simple system model consisting of three hard or fermionic particles (repel at close range) that are locked into a triatomic molecular bond, and showing the options available for interacting with the system model.

A new system has been loaded from file and their radii are being increased.

The particles have settled into a new equilibrium state and now the central particle is being given a velocity using the billiards method.

The same model after the screen sizes of the particles have been changed and the central particle is being changed again.

A new system of 18 soft or bosonic particles (attract at close range) and showing the general menu.