What do I seek?: I have a few project ideas in the back of my mind but I mainly seek to engage with the world through a fruitful exchange of ideas. I would like to see these ideas subjected to vigorous peer review. To get the assistance of outside perspectives to help separate the wheat from the chaff. To see other people take up the core ideas and adapt them for their own purposes. To find some collaborators in developing the next software implementation. But mainly, just to see that the ideas do not simply remain as isolated ideas in my head or unread files on my computer. I believe I have stumbled upon these ideas for a reason. There is great potential in these ideas and I do not wish to see that potential go to waste. There is a paradigm shift happening and these ideas are a part of that paradigm shift.


All that I write I know not why,
it is the babbling of my mind,
as my soul plunges deeper,
into the ecstasy of union with life.

Forgive me what I say,
it means nothing at all,
these are but words,
mere ripples spreading outward,
from an unseen pebble cast into my life.

Look to the centre of these ripples,
where all these words point,
there in that space of emptiness,
that is the source of all these words.


Why do I write this stuff???
It is simply an outpouring...
through my very own realisations,
through the very work itself,
I know that I'm not doing this.
And neither is anyone else.
It simply happens.


I belong to no religion or scientific dogma
I seek only universal Truth,
however it may be grasped,
however one may try to comprehend it,
it is everywhere at all times and cannot be denied without consequences.
For the sake of life, love and beauty I wish to share what meagre Truths I have,
in the hope that as we share the Light, each of us may shine a little brighter,
and together we may grow in harmony and peace.


All these words.
Someone is talking to someone, but who?
Is my Self talking to my mind and I'm talking to you?
Is the Cosmos talking to me and also talking to you through me?

These words flow with a life of their own,
they rise up from within, from God knows where,
they come in bursts and outpourings,
especially after I have been still for some time.

But what do they mean?
Words such as Cosmos, me, you, Self, mind.
In each moment of awareness,
from whence do these ideas arise?

There dwells amid these words a vision.
It is a synchronistic convergence of thought forms.
For me, it clears the fog from Life,
or the dust from the lens of the Seer.

Through this I have been blessed,
to drink from the cup,
of the healing power of Sacred Wisdom.


In my past there lie thousands of days,
lost in contemplation, thoughts and words.
In my notes there lie thousands of pages of thoughts, symbols and words,
trying to grasp that which cannot be grasped,
trying, as best as I may, to speak of that which lives only in silence.

Having glimpsed the sacred mystery,
I realise that it is the stillness itself that speaks the most profoundly,
Thus in silence I honour that which cannot be spoken,
and with symbols I point toward the Mystery.


Through these words God speaks to me,
urging me to be still and listen with the heart.
It is working its soothing magic and
instead of just channelling this wise advice,
I can really start to apply it, thereby opening up to the Bliss.

At times throughout my day, thoughts arise and seek expression,
so I channel them through words, concepts and theories,
and then return to my meditation.

These expressions keep me bound in the empirical world,
hovering just near the surface I only dip into the Bliss,
but an ocean awaits, an unlimited expanse of wonder.

It is my love of others who are lost and confused in the empirical world,
it is this that draws these words out of me,
seeking to leave some trail, some hint of the wonders that are here to be found.


To describe my involvement in the work I will relate an analogy; in any endeavour such as this there are two principle roles, the sage and the hero. The sage dwells separate from the crowd and communes directly with the universe, the hero dwells amidst the marketplace and communes with the people. The sage descends from the mountain and inspires the hero who then inspires the people. I bring wisdom down from the mountain but I am not the one to give it out in the marketplace. I bring a gift for the people but in order to receive it some of them must recognise and receive and distribute the gift. This process requires a trusted few; heroes who comprehend the power of the gift, who strike a resonance in their minds and hearts and who can convey this magic to others. It requires sages too, who wish to open a new portal of communion with the universe and meditate upon it from a new yet timeless perspective. I do not wish to linger in the metaphorical marketplace, any who wish may return with me and others may stay behind to spread the word amongst the people. Regardless of separation we are bound by a common vision and we are a part of the same phenomenon.

The hero believes in the world illusion,
dwells in the empirical world and acts therein,
for the benefit of the whole.

The sage sees through the world illusion,
dwells in the transcendent world and acts therein,
for the benefit of the whole.