The New Science

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Implications on our understanding of the world and participation in the world,
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This page presents some brief informal comments inspired by the three books mentioned above. If you want to know more about these phenomena I would highly recommend reading these books. I will, at some point, compile a bibliography of the main sources that they draw upon so that people may also go directly to the relevant scientific journals to find out more.

In terms of impact on the experience of being human the main realisation so far is that consciousness is fundamental, it underlies physical existence, not the other way around. A focused consciousness creates a field of coherence that brings order and structure into otherwise random processes and a focused will can imprint an intention upon the very fabric of reality. The cosmos is a field of consciousness and with consciousness we may participate in reality on all levels. In terms of impact on human history the main ramification of the coming scientific and spiritual revolution will be the full and widespread comprehension of the nature of reality, in particular, recognition and understanding of the Soul. See this quote. This will lead to greater harmony and participation in life, leading on to new levels of growth and evolution.

In recent decades there have been countless high level scientific experiments into the nature of the subtle energy fields and their effects within the world. There is now widespread experimentation with deep holistic healing, telepathy, telekenesis, remote viewing even out into the solar system and beyond or into someones pocket on an airplane to spy on a code. There are serious enquiries into the nature of prayer and meditation, into how our thoughts, feelings and intentions are constantly influencing each other; we resonate with each other. Scientists are also studying the sharing of dreams and measuring the physiological effects of simply being looked at or thought about regardless of whether you consciously know it or not; the field energies of strangers generally ellicit tension and people who are familiar generally ellict relaxation. Scientists are also seriously enquiring into precognition and prophecy and numerous other things.

The vision that is emerging in this new science is one of no separation, and distance means nothing. One can heal or harm with a feeling in the heart across any distance, one can exert an influence of any kind with ones consciousness that reaches across the cosmos but these things can be shielded to different degrees, it depends on the strength of ones focus, will and inner need. If one flows with the Way and truly lives one's dharma then all doors are open, but if one has turned against the Way everything becomes an ultimately futile struggle. There are currents in the energies, our entire lives and worlds are made of this energy, we cannot swim against our very substance for long.

There is talk of deep spiritual and personal connection with the entire cosmos as a single unified whole, communing with the cosmic consciousness, these are becoming recognised experiences. There have been experiments proving that all living beings, whether bacteria, plants or animals and humans are all intimately interconnected through the field by a sub-conscious bond that breaks down all concepts of separation. Experiments show that plants feel pain with the same response as a human, and by stimulating one organism, neighbouring plants and animals and all living beings show the same sub-conscious response even thousands of kilometres away. Everyone feels it to some degree, there is no separation, only a single, whole, coherent energy field and lots of points of physical perception but it is only through these points that there is any kind of illusion of separate existence. One cannot truly keep anything to ones self in this universe, there are no barriers or even distances bewteen things, everything is one. This is Brahman, Maya, Atman and Jiva. This is the field that I have been modeling with my mathematics. The main lines of force within this energy field are personal relationships, an intimate bond creates a permanent mixing of information. In exactly the same way as an EPR pair in quantum phyics, where once two particles form a quantum bond their information becomes entangled and they remain instantaneously connected across any distance. That is the nature of the bond between two humans who have been close.

And all that stuff in star wars about the force and disturbances in the force when lives are destroyed, and the Jedi mind tricks, all that stuff is real and has been measured in weak but definite proportions throughout the entire population, such as conclusive experiments that show that people do really influence gross physical processes such as the toss of a coin simply by sheer force of will, some people are gifted but most seem naturally able, a bit like reading in the old days. Maybe with a little nurturing from an early age these things would be as easy as reading in a few generations. Furthermore, this ability to impose one's intentions upon the very fabric of reality was found to not only work in the present moment, experimenters also recorded runs of a random event generator (REG, a quantum device that implements a perfect "coin toss") and asked people to retrospectively will for more heads than tails and the results were just as clear. This also worked equally well with future intention.

It has also been found that with focused intention one can also imprint an image or symbol into a landscape that an independent dowser can detect and recover, even when the intentional artist has never visited the site and may have been on the other side of the planet. The image remains detectable within the landscape for years but it may be instantly erased by an intention from the original artist. The cosmos is a coherent field of consciousness, thus consciousness may participate in it on all levels. The cosmic information space is a canvas within which consciousness creates.

At present we participate unconsciously, we are unfocused and uncoordinated in our thoughts and intentions. When a being is fully integrated in body, heart, mind and soul, when they are self aware and able to sustain a concentrated force of will, then that being taps into their latent potential and fully participates in life on all levels. That is the goal of all true spiritual practice. But if you want something too much you lose the way, like trying too hard to get to sleep, it is a subtle inner shift - to do with the right hemisphere of the brain, some say it is the left hemisphere that blinds us to the field. In the end realisation comes from surrender rather than victorious struggle or clever thinking.

A major implication of the new science is that energy healing really works, whether reiki, acupuncture, vibrational healing, homeopathy, etc, they potentially work more powerfully than anything else (as Jesus showed) and it can treat all forms of dis-ease. We are wholly and entirely composed of that energy. There have been studies showing that all living beings emit a very faint field of light around them that has macroscopic quantum properties. There are patterns in the fluctuations of this light field related to species, age, health, mood, thoughts, gender, time of day, and all kinds of things. Apparently the simplest organisms radiate the strongest light and also diseased and weak organisms, they are not able to take up and harness the light, they leak or haemorhage in some cases. They give off entropy or waste light. This light field is intimately involved in every aspect of ones existence, it is how the bonds form and function between manifest systems, it is essentially a kind of quantum etheric internet providing the communication framework through which all of our cellular and bodily processes operate, immune system cells couldn't find their targets without communicating through the field, each part of the body is in constant and coherent union with every other part of the body, we are macroscopic quantum systems which means that we exhibit a collective wholeness and unity that transcends all mechanistic concepts of the functioning of the body. We are not made of parts that are mechanistically assembled, we are whole, complete and coherent quantum systems. In terms of the deepest metaphysics of our being we are microcosms of the cosmos, it too has such a field, that which some call the Akashic Field.

It has been observed that when the coherence starts to break down in an organism, that is when disease occurs, but a healer can exert an energetic influence that brings order back into a dysfunctional system. There have been studies with lab animals where physiological effects were produced solely by manipulating the energy fields of an organism, even extra limbs and heads have been made to grow on salamanders. The whole of biology and medicine is going to be re-written, more along tantric and homeopathic lines. There have been experiments showing that you can record the weak electromagnetic signals from an organism whilst it is being exposed to a drug and then you can send that recording around the globe as an email and then replay it to another organism and the signal alone has the same effect as the physical drug. The matter was not essential, it is the information in the field that is all that matters, because that is the only language that the cells are speaking. The matter is just the stuff of perception that appears within our minds. The drug was the package that seemingly delivered the information but evertything is happening in and through the field, even the grossest of phyical processes. There is nothing that is outside of Brahman, the matter is just the 'stuff' of perception.

This whole cosmos is essentially resonant light and every object, feeling or thought is a note within a vast symphony of interconnected coherence, this is the dance of Lila and Shabd the celestial music. Through the field we constantly communicate with the entire cosmos around us. This energy field corresponds with the aura, chakras, nadis and other etheric organs. It is said that we are essentially made of light and that consciousness is coherent light.

Our consciousness is not a function of the body, that is just a focal point, we ARE the field, that is were every conscious experience happens, that is where every being has contact with every other being, we are not even seperate on that level. Everything that has ever been thought or felt or has happened is forever stored within the field, the field is a holographic information process with way-beyond-cosmic proportions amd every being has access to it. This is the Akashic Record. And the very nature of our experience of being in the world, why is it that my hands really seem to be "out there" when they are supposedly an experience within my brain. The brain is not nearly as central as it was thought to be and our experience of being in the world is not purely a function of material senses. It is a deeply subtle holographic union between Atman and Brahman, we literaly reachout through the cosmos with pure consciousness, we needn't just look right in front of us using physical eyes, distance means nothing, there is no essential difference between looking at your hands or looking around the globe or the cosmos. Ones thoughts and feelings are not bound by the body either. It seems that one can engage in discriminative participation as it is called in yoga and one can atune ones self to any part of the cosmos and enter into a deep union with it, that is how one sees though another's eyes or one holds a galaxy or an atom within ones mind, or how lovers commune with each other and become one.

These things are all siddhis (or spiritual powers) and the scriptures say they are a dangerous distraction that tends to lead people downwards in their evolution. I wonder what is going to come of it, it will definately make things interesting and it seems to be a natural part of the times. There has been persistent ressistance to these findings and people are yet to appreciate the magnitude of the rammifications but things are really just begining, many scientists simply try to dwell in denial but things are becoming too obvious. The scientific journal Nature has been waging an ideological war against this issue for several decades and the CIA has been one of the major supporters. Initially they were afraid that the soviets were onto something and although they didn't believe in it they were driven by fear to at least look into it. They tried for years to get some American research labs involved but got laughed at, but they have been making serious progress for some decades now. Some of the principle results come from studies funded by them. It sounds like a crazy science fiction novel but as far as I can tell this stuff is really happening, it is appearing in the scientific journals and not just in some book or on the internet. These are interesting times. It looks like the modern world might be about to come to its senses. YAY :)