Piercing Time and Space:
Where Science and Spirit Meet

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Comments on the book “Piercing Time and Space” by Traci L. Slatton, ARE Press, 2005.

Here I will eventually accumulate a few informative quotes and comments on this excellent and highly recomended book, but for now I'll quote the cover blurb.

From biology to physics, a new model of nature is emerging that links different fields of science with spirituality. This book explores the fascinating similarities between the Akashic Record, as described in Edgar Cayce's renowned readings, and current scientific models, such as the morphic field with its resonance and the quantum domain with its energy potential. The author shows how all life can appear so separate and yet be one, like the morphic field and the quantum domain that permeate everything. Life isn't "out there", but flows through each and every one of us. We live and have our being within the whole, thus making our journey more interconnected with the rest of life. Understanding this and feeling it gives meaning and fulfillment.

Science and spirit meet in human consciousness through subtle yet deep perception and feeling. This new work explains the latest scientific findings and how they affect our lives and consciousness. This is a book for these times and the fast-approaching future with a new consciousness, with a new way of living.

Similarly to some of my comments on the book The Akashic Field, this book is talking about the same phenomenon as myself but from a different perspective. I speak of the nature and dynamics of the field itself and the world that arises there from, whilst contemporary science speaks of how the field appears from a perspective within the world, and what its effects are like when experienced from within the world. In this sense this book explores the empirical dimension of the issue whilst I explore the transcendent dimension, both are essential and complementary avenues of enquiry. Books such as this one and "The Akashic Field" are an excellent and approachable introduction to the ideas discussed on this website.