Excerpts from my discussions on the SSE forum

Since late May 2006 I have been participating in discussions on the forum of the Society for Scientific Explroation.

They are an organisation with the intention "to provide a professional forum for presentations, criticism, and debate concerning topics which are for various reasons ignored or studied inadequately within mainstream science."

Below is a list of selected excerpts from my own comments in the discussion - I do not include the full discussions because they took place in a closed forum for SSE members. I have also reduced all names to their initials.

Bold entries are of more interest, in my opinion.

(#1207) Paradigms, Consciousness and Non-Duality
A discussion on paradigms and 'normality'; then consciousness; and then describes a non-dualistic conceptualisation of consciousness and reality.

(#1215) Higher Level Evolution - Second Cambrian Explosion
A discussion on civilisation as a higher level organism that is evolving.

(#1221) Growth and Decay of Civilisation
Through organisation and technology the civilisational organism grows. When this societal metabolic process breaks down the organism dies.

(#1228) Informal/Formal Structures and Organic/Mechanistic Perspectives
The power play between informal and formal structures, also ways of conceptualising the situation as an organism or a machine.

(#1229) Transitional Phases are Unbalanced - with awareness we may participate
As the system evolves it will undergo radical changes. We have adequate awareness to participate in the process and guide it to some extent.

(#1230) Judicial Reasoning - Bluring symbols and reality
We experience reality, form ideas then words - then we confuse the word, idea and experience with the reality which remains ultimately unknowable.

(#1240) Can human civilization be recreated?
It would be very different next time - the conditions would force inner development over outer development.

(#1250) Civilizational cycles and the direction of the process
Do civilisations evolve in cycles? What is the general direction of evolution?

(#1258) Approaching the future
How do we conceive of and approach the future? How to achieve a holistic understanding?

(#1273) Comments prior to the Meta-Analysis on Skepticism and Cynicism
An argument arose and I stepped in, which led to the meta-analysis of Skepticism and Cynicism.

(#1279) Underlying Context for the Discussion on Civilisation
Making explicit the complex underlying context beneath all 'real-world' issues in an attempt to get beyond shallow symbolic word games.

(#1305) Introducing Meta-Analysis: Skepticism and Cynicism
Introduction and some overall comments on the document Meta-Analysis: Skepticism and Cynicism.

Meta-Analysis: Skepticism and Cynicism
An analysis of cynical tactics - exploring the difference between skepticism and cynicism and common cynical tactics that are used to stifle debate and avoid issues whilst seemingly scoring political points.

(#1318) Sustainability and Balance of Power
Discussion of informal and formal approaches to organisation and their appropriate balance for global sustainability.

(#1367) Process Metaphysics and Computational Paradigm
There are no 'continuously acting processes', reality is event driven and computational in nature.

(#1406) Computational Metaphysics
Discussion of some general principles of metaphysics from a computational perspective.

(#1415) SMN, Free Will and Unification of Paradigms
Discussion of some general principles of SMN, free will and the unification of conceptual frameworks.

(#1418) SMN, Computational Metaphysics, Free Will and Duality
Discussion of some more general principles of SMN, computational metaphysics, free will and duality.

(#1427) Labels, Essence, Awareness, Computation, SMN
Discussion about labels or symbols, cosmic essence, nature of awareness, computational analogy and the role of SMN in all of this.

(#1428) Free Will, Attitude, Awareness, Self Control, Causality, Karma, Cosmic Will, Computation and Consciousness
Discussion about free will, inner attitude, causality, self control, karma, the cosmic balance, and some comments on computation, consciousness and SMN.

(#1430) Metaphysics of Virtual Reality
If a computer creates a virtual reality within which artificially intelligent beings contemplate their situation, how would such a world seem to them? What metaphysical concepts would they arive at? What would it be like to be an AI being in a virtual world?

(#1433) Introducing Mathematics of Intention
Introduces the document 'Mathematics of Intension' and discusses the permutation space and the mystic world view.

Mathematics of Intension
This discussion explores the mathematics of influences applied to probability distributions. I develop a mathematical model of will power, which describes the action of intentional influence or the use of will power to influence the state of a system. The model describes detailed relations between the quantities focus, force, will, will power, influence and effect. The model gives rise to quantifiable and testable predictions regarding the degree of effect on systems in different scenarios. These could be experimentally tested using REG machines or other such experiments. In this way I propose a possible method for the scientific analysis of will power and intentional influence.

(#1437) The Chinese Room, Experience, Knowledge and Communication
Discusses the issues of what is experience, how does a system experience itself, what is participation in a context, what is knowledge, how does a system know itself, what is communication and then the Chinese Room thought experiment showing that it is not a refutation of the possibility for AI.

(#1443) The Chinese Room, Turing Test and Communication
Discusses the Chinese Room thought experiment, the Turing Test, communication ability and sentience.

(#1459 & 1467) Introducing an Argument that Reality is a Computational Process
This introduces a mathematical and conceptual proof that reality can be thought of as a computational process.

Computational Processes
This is a mathematical and conceptual proof that reality can be thought of as a computational process and that the class of general computational processes is broader than algorithmic processes. It also gives an argument indicating that a computational reality does not imply simple pre-determinism but rather 'self-determinism'.

(#1470) Religion/Spirituality, Energy/Information and the Unification of Material and Spiritual Science
Discusses the relationship between religion and spirituality, the underlying energy/information dynamics that produces the material world, some Chinese research, my own work and the unification of Material and Spiritual Science.

(#1495) Relative/Absolute Reality, Empirical/Transcendent, Experience/Knowledge, Unification of Material and Spiritual Sciences and the Coming Paradigm Shift
Discusses the relationship between relative and absolute reality, between experience and knowledge, between wisdom and reality, religion and personal spiritual experience, material and spiritual sciences, and the coming paradigm shift.

(#1570) The World is my Guru and my Sustenance, Attaining Transcendent Experience, Aspects of the Model of Intention
Discusses my own experiences of growing understanding and the principles for attaining transcendent experience. Then discusses some aspects of the model of intentional influence upon a system.

(#1638) Trusting the flow, the Cosmic Dance, the natural holistic process (#1638)
The cosmic dance, the flow, is not separate from oneself and participating in the flow isn't about pursuing some project and distrusting the surrounding world. Each part of the universe has its role to play.

(#1639) Breaking the Code of Secrecy, the Cosmic Dance includes Light and Dark, the Process of Awakening, the Human Collective Paradigm Shift, plus some comments from the I Ching (#1639)
Sacred knowledge, once kept secret is flowing into the collective consciousness for a reason, the light of wisdom is moving to confront the darkness of ignorance. This is a natural part of the times and is beyond human control. There is a paradigm shift happening. The I Ching shares its wisdom regarding this process.

(#1640) Paradigm Shifts and the Changing Nature of what is 'Fact' (#1640)
Discusses the difficulty in 'keeping to the facts' when negotiating a paradigm shift. In regards to metaphysics, the confusion of myth with fact traps us in old paradigms. A 'fact' is the result of ignorance and power struggle. Ultimately there are only experiences of an underlying reality, ideas arising from those experiences and mythologies that weave these ideas into coherent world views - that is a paradigm.

(#1663) System Theoretic Metaphysics and the Unification of the Transcendent and Empirical Sciences
Discusses the ramifications of adopting general system theory as one's metaphysical foundation. This helps to situate both the materialist and spiritualist paradigms within a single system theoretic paradigm and thereby unify the two.