The Work of Personal Holistic Healing

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“To overcome the suffering of the world is a great and difficult thing,
to have one's innocent love turned to disgust and malice by the privations of the world,
but then in solitude and by the grace of God to transmute this perverted love into a higher Love,
that encompasses even darkness, that comprehends the mystery of the whole.

Many souls have trodden this path through the valley of darkness and into the rising dawn,
May they guide and inspire others to endure the poison of their malice,
to see the divinity of all things and to commune with the Light that shines from within.

May we not succumb to hate but transmute this into fierce and joyous Love.
May this cosmic energy flow and fill the void of our ignorance and fear,
may it cast out the shadows of evil that lurk amidst our doubt and confusion,
may it bring wholeness and healing to that which is broken and dying.

Life, Love and Truth are three in one,
this is the will of God
this is the will of the intelligent Universe.”

I have been pursuing answers to four fundamental questions:

What am I? What is this place? What is happening? What can and should be done?

It was obvious to me that nobody I knew could help answer these questions.

“In the stillness of my soul,
the voice of silence spoke to me.
In words of timeless wisdom it said:

Listen not to the voice of fear,
but to the voice of intuition,
for evil controls you through your fear
and God guides you through your intuition.

To follow the path of fear is to walk with evil
into the land of darkness, despair and destruction.
To follow the path of intuition is to walk with angels
into the land of Light, Love and Life.

Know that Beauty and Joy are the mark of sacred Truth,
and ignorance the root of evil.
Engage not in fools debates and resist not evil,
but rise upon the wings of wisdom,
radiating the Light of Heaven like a dancing star,
then the Earth shines with Beauty and All creatures live in Joy.”

As we each share our blessings we magnify them until the whole world is healed. Ultimately, I work not for myself, I am but a tool in the hands of God, a fragment of the intelligent universe. I work in the hope that I may assist in giving hope to future generations.

May God guide and bless us all, for we are the breaking wavefront of creation as it sweeps through time; life is intrinsic to the cosmos, we beings are a phase transition that will eventually change the face of creation, far more than the stars have done. Each new phase of creation lays down the foundation for all later creation; if we are to realise our rightful place in this universe we must align with Truth and create in ways that harmoniously build upon our foundation.