In Sanskrit:   Ananda – Bliss     :     Kevala – Oneness

At one with the bliss,
the state of being one with bliss,
or bliss amidst the oneness.

Ananda is implied in the context of:
“Sat Chit Ananda” from Vedic Metaphysics
or existence, consciousness, bliss
or representation, computation, meta-system-transition.
These are the three principle constituents of manifest being.

It could be said that systems exist (sat)
and interact or process information (chit)
and thereby evolve toward harmony and integration into collective wholes (ananda).

More truthfully there is a field of energy (sat)
it resonates and fluctuates coherently (chit)
and manifests harmony and unified being (ananda)

Bliss is both a precondition and the completion of manifest being,
so too is Love.
Love and Bliss are harmony;
for creation to Be there must be harmony,
for creation to evolve to greater heights,
there must be Love and Bliss.

A world without harmony is a world of sickness,
a world of suffering that can only decay into non-Being,
making way for new worlds to arise.
Only those worlds that manifest harmony may persist,
and become the foundation for all future creation.

The source of All is One.
With bliss the one evolves into many,
through bliss the many harmonise as one.
Thus creation unfolds.

Outwardly Anandavala means:
being in harmony with the process of creation,
the state of being one with cosmic evolution.

Inwardly it means:
dwelling in bliss and oneness,
each flows into the other.
Through bliss there arises oneness,
and in oneness there is bliss.