The Work - Assorted Brief Writings

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The greatest initial drawback to the endeavour is that it is a profound radical innovation that is incomprehensible to many people who are bound to old ways of thinking. It changes things at a very low level and then filters upwards. It challenges many of our deepest assumptions; such as the nature of our very existence and relationship with the world. The potential is truly vast and the ramifications are world changing but the initial learning curve is steep.


There are three general themes to my work.

SMN: Toward a unified formalism for the representation, simulation, analysis and understanding of general systems or toward a System Theoretic Metaphysics of Reality. This is fairly technical and analytic; related to information, representation, models, general system theory, simulation, and culminating in SMN. But I don't want it to be just a technical discussion, it ties in with why we want to understand systems, the fact we are systems and our world is a system. This is not just a discussion of computational science algorithms, or computational physics, its about metaphysics and understanding the detailed structure of reality. I want to inspire the average enquiring mind and encourage them to push through the mathematics or to skim it as necessary but to get the gist of what I am talking about here. Are these themes going to be coherent discourses in themselves or are they just a structural schema? I need to work this out. If they are just schemas then this theme can be quite dry and technical and the inspiration comes in else where.

IST: This extrapolates the metaphysics of SMN into the higher levels of existence. It explores what SMN implies about the system that we call "our world" or the 'universe'. It explores how one can use the SMN Paradigm as a conceptual framework within which to think about the physical universe, the spiritual universe, the human world and any other scenarios that arise as system phenomena. This discussion covers perception, knowledge, virtuality, reality, the computational paradigm, physics scenarios, mystic experiences and other system scenarios and culminates in IST.

Human MST: What implications this has for living in 'reality'. An analysis of the ramifications of all the above and what this teaches us about being a system within a system universe. This discussion goes through many many aspects of systemic existence, the practical aspects about perceiving and understanding ones world, about harmonisation and conflict, schizmogenesis, what is life, what is it all about and culminating in a discussion of the second Cambrian explosion or (MST from within) and how the universe is 'alive' just as we are.


I am more of an artist or visionary than an academic or scholar but I am nevertheless a scientist, but of the old fashioned sort, the type who seek understanding in pursuit of harmony rather than knowledge in pursuit of control.
Because of my lack of scholarliness my notes are quite disordered, but because of my holistic vision some of them contain surprising results for those who are not prejudiced against we right brainers and can therefore stomach the format of the work.

I will try and order the work as best I can to make it accessible to as many as possible but I cannot change the way my mind works to suit prevailing prejudices. I care only for truth and that rests in content not in format or 'correct procedure'.

Much of what I have discovered is already known, but some of it I would suspect is not. However I do not know exactly where the boundary lies because I have very little idea of the details of what is going on out there in the world, but that is changing.


I have been engaged in research that involves a great deal of System Theory and have some interesting results in this field. My educational background is in physics and computer science, focusing primarily on simulation and computational physics, I have a BSc from UNSW and have spent two years at ANU in two attempts at honours in Physics. However I couldn't focus on traditional physics since my mind was undergoing a radical paradigm shift in which physicality broke down, replaced by patterns of information. This paradigm shift occurred about five years ago and since late 2001 I have been focussed on it full time, leaving academia and living on the dole. Without access to resources or advice I mainly studied the systems in the world around me and contemplated their details, using what analytical tools I possessed such as Mathematics (mainly Probability Theory, Matrix Algebra), Physics (mainly Quantum Theory, General Relativity, Thermodynamics), Information Theory, Software Engineering, Control System Design, Metaphysics, Vedic Philosophy, etc. Hence some of my work may be quite unorthodox.


In early 2000 I had a paradigm shift to a new vision of the deep, subtle and complex structure of reality, it was a profound whole mind experience that was utterly beyond mere thought or knowledge. If I was a certain type of person I could have spent the rest of my life silently contemplating this but that was not for me, all my life I have wanted answers to the question "what am I and what is this world?", I wanted to know God and this shift was a milestone in my path to understanding, but I also wanted to share this understanding, I wanted it to help others comprehend themselves and their lives just as it had helped me. But I found myself speechless when trying to talk about it, nothing in this world seemed able to point at it in a meaningful way that could convey its deep subtlety and complexity. I have since spent years devoted primarily to trying to give expression to this vision and now it is starting to flow out of me.

I am not a scientist or scholar, although my work often crosses territory jealously guarded by others I do not belong to any guilds, I am a lone wanderer, a mystic and visionary who seeks understanding and harmony rather than facts and control. I am an artist of ideas in my creative efforts to build a holistic understanding that is worthy of the creation that I am a part of. I respect the work of scientists and scholars, they have provided much of the material and inspiration along my journey, they have built up a vast edifice of organised collective knowledge, a schema of collective consciousness. But it has always been the work of visionaries to cast a spanner into these delicate works, to build a scientific edifice is left brain work but to create whole new ways of knowing is whole brain work and it relies on the creative juices that flow from the right brain and which care not for the procedures and requirements of orderly scientific work.

It is for this reason that I have been forced into voluntary banishment and isolation from the world of scientists and scholars. I had been treading a path into theoretical physics when my vision dawned within my mind but the constraints were too intrusive to continue working along that path. I could no longer swear allegiance to the articles of faith that underlie physics nor could I tolerate the constraints on my work procedures such as having to constantly show results that are meaningful to the casual glance of a disinterested empiricist academic. I needed time and space within which to delve deeply into my mind and meditate for months and years on ideas that others would surely think were ludicrous.

I am a sensitive being and I found the academic world of bustling egos and huge delusional personas and the arrogance and narrow mindedness of others was effecting my state of mind. I could feel myself becoming like them in subtle ways so I fled into the wilderness of ordinary society. But there I fared even worse, I was thrust into a poverty trap and mostly surrounded by manic, confused, crazed individuals who were thrashing about in desperate denial of their suffering and searching for 'kicks'. I was constantly being pushed and shoved about on some imaginary monopoly board and I had no access to any resources or equipment, no access to journals or libraries, no computer, no collaborators; nothing. So I did what I could, I observed the behaviour of anything and everything around me, I allowed my mind to flow out into the world around me and to learn from it, I wrote brief notes on piles of paper and stored these away never to be looked at again (it seems) and all of this slowly began to transform my consciousness.

I reconceptualised myself out of the paradigm of being a researcher separated from the object of research and into the paradigm of being both the subject and object. My inner being became my laboratory, my mind was my main focus and place of work, my progress could not be measured by external artefacts such as files and reports and data, it was a slow and subtle process of inner transformation. No academic in their right mind would have allowed me to do this whilst under their jurisdiction! Over time Yoga became my primary research method, not just the yoga of postures or asanas but yoga of the mind and ones relationship with reality or Jnana Yoga.

I clung to the universe as my teacher, I prayed that Ishvara or God would be my guru. There has always been incredible synchronicity in my life as if God has always been my teacher, subtly bringing me lessons as I need them but now these lessons started coming thick and fast. I surrendered to the process and accepted everything that arose from it, things, people, places, events all started to organise around me, I became just a small part of a larger process that danced in beautiful coordination. At just the right time the right books or casual comments or traumas or gifts or anything at all would be injected into this process and the energy would keep building and the connectivity and harmony would only deepen. On countless occasions I would reach a point in the work where I knew that before I could proceed something was required and no sooner had I formulated the structure and properties of this something that I would stumble upon it somewhere in a book or on the internet and I would discover that someone or even countless people have been working on exactly this for years or centuries. Many times I have been wonderfully amazed and thankfully absolved of the need to pursue it myself.

Although working in isolation has its draw backs, I am free from influences that warp and constrain my mind but I am also free from many influences that may inspire and inform my mind. There is a great deal of my work that I am sure has all been done before, I'd be surprised if it hadn't, but I don't know who did it when and what results they achieved, so I have reinvented many wheels. But there are parts of my work that I suspect are new, because if it had already been discovered why were people so quiet about it and not using it? Maybe these things have been discovered but not recognised for what they are, or may be they have been discovered and the people had the sense to keep it secret, which I have often been tempted to do, but God is my guide and even if it goes against my better judgment it seems that I am to speak out about it.


Many of the issues are extremely subtle, difficult to represent in a discourse, very easily misunderstood and radically different to the 'normal' or mundane world view. Hence most people will have little interest in or comprehension of this discourse. I will not present detailed proofs to try and corner minds that are struggling to misunderstand and avoid the issues. Those who's minds are open will see clearly but those who's minds are closed will see only a fog of confusion or meaninglessness and absurdity.

The discourse covers anything and everything and is therefore inherently interdisciplinary or more correctly 'non-disciplinary', this seems to cause problems for many who are bound to particular disciplines. They resent it when this discourse traverses 'their' conceptual territory and they fail to follow when it diverges far from that which is familiar to them. They often bring too much baggage with them in terms of rigid connotations associated with particular words or concepts or phenomena. Their underlying, unquestioned assumptions are too strongly reinforced to allow them to make the transition to a new paradigm based on a different set of underlying assumptions. They lack the plasticity of mind and language to get beyond the cacophony of connotations arising in their mind and to see through this to what meaning may be conveyed despite the outer appearances of the message. One must ask oneself, what meaning is the creator of the message attempting to encode in the message? rather than simply what it appears to mean through the lens of a simplistic interpretation based solely upon the receivers representational schema or set of connotations and associations. This is difficult but necessary for holistic communication.

Simplistic interpretations are adequate when only mundane subjects are being discussed, i.e. things that are 'objectively' and commonly experienced and may be discussed using mundane or empirical language. When the subject matter is transcendent or subtle or complex or subjective one must perform an intricate dance with mundane language to twist it and distort it until it can potentially point beyond itself to the underlying meaning, however a great deal of interpretation or hermeneutics is required and any simplistic interpretation will yield primarily nonsense, just like a 'literal' interpretation of the Bible or trying to decompile a binary computer program but limiting oneself to thinking only '0' or '1'; one needs to ask, what do these represent in this particular context.


How to best apply the SMN/IST paradigm to the world in general? What will be it's principle applications? How to develop it at as low a level, general context, broadest application and ubiquitous utility?

What is the purpose of life and how can it be best served? Is it to innovate, create, explore, understand, assimilate, nurture and harmonise? SMN/IST can provide a window into idiomatic space wherein one may explore the detailed structure and dynamics of systems. One can comprehend the system in all its possible configurations and states of being, one can explore its dependencies and complex relations. One can explore the permutation space to survey the field of innovations and one can explore the higher powered system matrices to survey the full range of possible states of being. In this way one may explore ramifications, different strategies and paths through any problem space.


I am seeking committed participants in this process, people who are keen to contribute to the establishment of this phenomenon and the development and distribution of this paradigm. We will be opening up a new frontier and the challenges and potential rewards are enormous.

I personally can provide technical expertise regarding the details of the SMN / IST paradigm, its application to various fields of endeavour and insight into the wider context within which it is situated. However my knowledge is very general; I study systems in their most general and abstract form, I know very little about many particular high level systems. Thus to develop a holistically viable strategy I require collaboration with people with diverse experience and expertise in ancient and post modern wisdom, software development, system theory, physics, web development, community building, memetic propagation, visioning a progressive future and domain experts from all fields who can assimilate their knowledge into the conceptual language of the SMN / IST paradigm.


Why did I withdraw from the world and go into seclusion? I could not have done my work in the same way without this. There are deeply entrenched delusions underlying our concepts and experiences of the world. By continual interaction we bind each other into this collective dream. I needed to escape and find a new way. I needed to break through a crack and explore the world that lies beyond. Through my work this mind has roamed tirelessly and has been guided into a new paradigm, a new perspective and a new state of being. There are many others here, our numbers are growing rapidly and there is a feeling of vast power, growing momentum, profound consequences and imminent transformation. The individual signs are subtle and easily misunderstood by those who lack systemic vision but the global system is in motion and we live in the midst of great events. These are indeed 'interesting times'!


There are two main arenas in which this work hopes to have some influence; in an external sense it hopes to participate in a technological and scientific revolution and in an internal sense it hopes to participate in a philosophical and spiritual revolution. Giving us the tools and power and knowledge and wisdom and deep union with the world to be able to heal this world.


Interpreted through the left brain much of these writings are the ravings of a crackpot,
Interpreted through the right brain this is the wisdom of a mystic,
Interpreted through the whole brain this is simple common sense.


In these writings do not expect simple instructions for your left brain to follow,
these words arise from the inspiration of a whole brain,
and with your whole brain you too may find inspiration.

These words only point in the direction of Truth,
seek it with you heart and mind united,
and it will find you.

Then you may assimilate that experience,
into left brained knowledge,
and right brained understanding,
then you will know how to act.


There is much that is sacred in this world,
that cannot be probed by our senses, but only by our intellect.
The scientist in me pulls back in silence,
as my heart fills with wordless wisdom.

But still the scientist in me is audacious,
it will test the boundaries.
May God strike me down,
before I go too far.


SMN and IIST are in a sense my siddhis,
they are the paths which have manifested in my life,
a path by which I may interact with the world,
bringing knowledge and hopefully wisdom.

In Gods hands these may be woven into a discourse of understanding,
rather than a discourse of destruction.

I shall persist with this work of the mind,
but my main priority is to open myself fully to the wonders of existence,
to participate fully in the transcendent creative process that is God's work.

Everyday I pray for God to Guide me and to take me up,
feeble and flawed as I am, and use me as a tool for the work of God,
for I am a humble devoted servant of All that Is.


Some people would think that SMN is the only part of my work that is of interest and use,
it is the main part that can be neatly abstracted out from the work and decontextualised,
then used to provide blind power for some arbitrary agenda.
One can close ones mind to any lessons that may be learnt from it,
that may threaten the basis of ones agenda,
there is no pesky wisdom, or the opinions of a crackpot,
all that can be ignored and the raw power harnessed.

But this world already has far too much power and too little wisdom,
it is an ignorant teenager with a weapon of mass destruction,
it is in many regards hostile to wisdom.

But these non-SMN parts of my work are to me the most important part,
SMN only gives blind power which is dangerous although useful,
whereas the rest of the work can give one a little wisdom if one is open to it,
and that is what the world needs most,
that is the only thing that will save us from the rampant misuse of blind power!

One driven by a blind agenda is alienated from reality and devoid of genuine Truth,
they cannot be trusted nor should they trust themselves,
for their lust inevitably leads them to destruction.


The tensions of withdrawing from tobacco, the release of supressed energies. There are months and years worth of repressed psychic energies flowing though my mind,
my mental dialogue is a continuous litany of crimes perpetrated by society;
a litany that I suppress in order to focus on "what must be done",
this energy drives me, and my work;
I will illuminate the shadow.

The Yi Jing says my work shall rain down upon earthly creatures like bounty from Heaven,
I shall speak out publicly in the rulers court,
and be clear about the crimes so that all may see the craftiness,
then there shall be Breakthrough.
A well that has been long neglected shall be restored,
this well is inexhaustible in its use,
and many towns shall come and go but the well shall remain.

The repressed disgust, anger and indignation require venting at times,
they are real and valid perspectives that underlie my work,
they are a part of what has brought me thus far.

I would love nothing more than to speak only of love, beauty and harmony,
but in a world as sick as this, to do so is to dwell in a comfortable fantasy.

Much of my writing over the years has been the venting of pent up psychic energies,
many of my words over the years have been hasty,
however these were the paths by which I was led to liberation.


I don't need to possess and control anything. Everything I do is for the common good. Everything I have I give freely. I don't seek to own and exploit. My agenda need not be forced and coerced, if it is to happen it will occur through the mass participation of countless people for their own benefit and the benefit of all. The writing is free to use, the software is free and public domain and open source, the idea is public domain, the organisation is not an organisation and the company is not a company, they are both memes or high level emergent properties of a whole community of free individuals. I don't need to control the copyright and IP in order to control the information in order to maintain a mechanistic organisation. I need no copyright or IP, the information will flow and spread, this will fuel the meme which will be the dynamic organic organisational structure. This is an example of a new generation of organisational phyla. The old way is based on fear, distrust and coercion whilst the new way is based upon unity, trust and cooperation.


Since the idea is released into the public domain it is totally unprotected and any entity may use it and exploit it in any manner that they wish but it will also get greater public acceptance and total system assimilation. These ideas are profoundly transformative and I must trust that the ideas themselves will be strong enough to counter the many abuses and that humanity still possesses enough inherent virtue so that it is unable to take up this idea and use it for creation rather than destruction.


This work is a gift to ALL earthly creatures. Any "rights of ownership" that may be attributed to myself are delusions in the minds of others. I urge you to rework and remould these ideas in your own creative way but do not claim it to be the same work for that is deceit. I trust you will be sincere and honest with yourself and with your dealings with the world, not just in relation to this information but in regards to all things. I call upon no earthly authority to protect this work, for no earthly authority can, this is the work of God working through me and God protects and sustains all things. Use this material as you see fit, but use it wisely else it will result in destruction.

There lies within these ideas, if they are used unwisely, enough rope for the human formal structure to hang us all (I speak of System Theory and the lust for "total control"), but within these ideas, if they are assimilated properly into the greater wisdom, there is enough power to open a portal of understanding that will bring healing to our hearts and minds and will bring about a phase transition that will come to be known as the end of 'civilisation' and the awakening of humanity.

Civilisation is the growth of a collective organism, there is much that is sacred on all levels of this world and much that is an abomination, but within the human formal structure the beast thrives and within the human informal structure there grows an Angel of Light that shall illuminate the beast from within and cast out its demonic shadows. Onto this battle field I cast this weapon, I cast it before humanity but if the beast takes it up and uses it against us, then the only end to suffering shall be oblivion. If humanity takes it up and draws upon its wisdom then we may heal the beast, heal ourselves and heal the world.

There are details of this work that can, at present, only be understood by those well versed in mathematics, computational science and physics, however as a whole, such people lack the wisdom to understand the wider context and are likely to abuse any power that they find herein. Science is a powerful tool for acquiring knowledge but it has largely become a minion of the beast. I cast this stone into the world, in the direction where wisdom dwells, trusting that God will guide it through the world and all will come to benefit as and when they are ready and not before. I entrust this work to the wise and awakened ones of this world, so that they may weave a protection about it so that it may not be abused by vulgar egos in pursuit of delusional agendas. Already I wrap this work in wisdom, expressed in words that mundane minds find repulsive, I trust that this glamour will hold long enough so that it may pass safely into the right hands.

This work stands as a challenge, the end game is approaching, if we do not act now there will be no future in which to regret our loss. There can be no win for humanity, for that would be the death of the creative process; we shall create beyond ourselves and ultimately that will be our undoing, but that is as it must be. The issue is, what shall we create? Shall it be an Angel of the Light or a demon of the dark?


In this work I respect no claims of ownership over so called "intellectual property" and I have no clue as to the human origins of much of the knowledge herein; sue me if you wish, but I have no money. Information is the life blood of creation, do our cells claim ownership over the proteins they produce? Do they impose a system of laws and threats throughout our bodies to intimidate other cells and make each cell need to know the source of each protein and pay homage to the delusional 'ownership' of the cell that produced it? Take this work and use it wisely, it is a pattern of energy propagating through the universe, do not think of me for I am simply one small channel through which it has flowed, think of God and the Universe for that is the true source of all things and the rightful 'owner' of all things. Over time we may lose track of exactly who said what first and then all that remains is the knowledge itself, stripped of all ego attachments. I seek not to project my ego into the world and to force others to recognise it for that simply fuels the fires of delusion. I am a tree in the forest giving forth nourishing fruit for any who may choose to eat, but any who seek to 'own' this tree and its fruits will be poisoned thereby, even myself.

I do not utter curses and weave bobby traps in this work, it is the very nature of the work that it is hostile to all delusion, any who disrespect Truth and Reality will bear the consequences of their own actions.


In this work I pledge to be sincere and honest, I will engage in no self censorship or "narrow pragmatism" in order to preserve myself from the aggression of the delusional at the expense of Truth. I will speak my Truth and break thereby if that is what must be. For only by being sincere and honest with ourselves and each other may we ever blow away this fog of deceit, delusion, dysfunction, despair and destruction that envelopes our world. By playing along with the beast's delusions to protect our narrow interests we eventually betray everything that is sacred to us. The beast forever seeks to gain ground and force us into retreat, the more ground we give, the more momentum it gains and what may seem like a subtle pressure at first becomes an avalanche of oppression.


In this life I tread the path of Jnana Yoga, of mystic transformation and ever increasing Light, but I seek not my own liberation in this life. I am a messenger from God, I have been sent bearing gifts of wisdom and power for all earthly creatures, to sustain them in their struggle against the evil that lurks in the darkness of ignorance and delusion within each of our lives. In this life I seek neither happiness nor liberation, such things are not truly goals in themselves, they are the side effects of whole living. My primary purpose for living out this incarnation here and now is to work in the service of God and that is my only aim in this life, from that alone arises all hope, joy and dignity.


I will not act from fear and distrust, I must surrender completely to the process and know that God is in control, I will not run and I will not protect myself, I will be open and vulnerable before the world for only then may the will of God flow through me and propel me along the inscrutable paths of destiny. The moment my ego succumbs to fear and seeks to control the process, then the voice of stillness is lost and I am lost and this small fragment of the Great Work is lost.


In a world of insanity, utter obscurity is a blessing, to not be an object in other's delusions and not be required to conform to countless contradictory and misguided expectations. This work could not have proceeded without such obscurity but this work drives me out of obscurity and I shall become known to others. I sacrifice my security and my future because God drives me forward into the world. I know there is purpose in this and that come what may, everything shall be exactly as it must be. God is in perfect control, even of the beast, but this universe is a computational process, even if the overall outcome is certain, still each term and calculation, each interaction and experience must be computed or manifested so as to flow into the later computations. There are no short cuts, not even for God, since to break the programming is to undermine the very cause and reason for existence.

In this knowledge lies my trust in the efficacy of the process, otherwise I would remain silent for fear of the ramifications of this knowledge being abused and used to subvert the very process of creation. But in these desperate times desperate measures are required, this work risks all our futures but the outcome will be a great leap into the future. It is in God's care and by opening up to truth within each of our lives and minds we open the way for God to enter into our lives in a real and personal way. If we remain closed to God, this will be a very traumatic transition through which we are forced, but if we open up to God it will be a great and glorious flowering of humanity. The outcome is certain but the exact process is yet to be defined and depends upon countless intricate subtleties.


When my mind first began to open like a flower and the sun shone done upon me with its radiant brilliance, my heart was overjoyed. In innocence I thought others would wish to know and understand such things but whenever I spoke their eyes would glaze over, their body language would become withdrawn like I was some crackpot ranting nonsense to which that they had to shut their minds. The question on their lips was invariably, what's that got do with anything? You've got to be more realistic, they would say. How is that going to earn any money, how will that help me retire in comfort, how's that going to force the evil bastards into submission, who's going to listen to something so abstract and removed from the everyday world. But it is the "everyday world" that has become so removed from reality and Truth that anything other than delusion seems meaningless.

Over time I learnt the art of silence. I came to realise that 'ordinary' people primarily seek comfort with minimum effort. This is a prison for their souls that safeguards the freedom of their delusions to run rampant in their lives and the beast is the weaver of collective delusion that forms and shapes their world and delivers them into slavery.

I learnt not to speak of what I do, what I think and what I am. To most people I am a strange looking 'hippie' who says nothing and does nothing. Some who have glimpsed me say I weave an invisibility glamour about myself and some suspect I may be onto something but most just think I am crazy but harmless. With the rare and precious open minds that I encounter I commune deeply and effortlessly, but these are fleeting encounters with years in between.

In my thoughts, prayers and words I address the inner self of all future generations, I speak to Humanity, the Earth, the Stars and the Cosmos; they understand me and with them I commune. My words were never meant to be read by any living human; initially that was the only condition under which my thoughts would flow without the imposition of the social programming that had been forced upon me. However, over time this work has unfolded, my voice has become clearer and I have found myself speaking to 'people', still in the abstract but nevertheless, potentially real human beings. It is the will of God that these words are to become public and I am to be driven out of the safety of obscurity. I abhor any who impose themselves on others and in writing publicly I place these ideas gently into the world so that any may partake of them if and when it is right for them. In all such matters it is the will of God that guides us to that which we need when we need it.


Although I use the language of science at times to present my ideas I am not a scientist, I do not grip the situation in my mind and seek to control it, I am more like Dirk Gently ("Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency" by Douglas Adams) than Sherlock Holmes. Whilst the villain may be escaping down the street and Sherlock Holmes is in hot pursuit, Dirk Gently stops to smell the roses and notices a curious sight down a side alley, he wanders aimlessly for a time and then happens to meet a young lady who happens to be the villains sister. Whilst the mind follows clues and calculates the odds, the intuition reaches out expansively into the universe and the flow of the universe becomes one's own flow. The whole universe moves with one and one moves with the universe and all things arise just as they should. This is "Wu Wei"; to flow with the Tao and not cling to the phantoms of our preconceptions. When all things flow smoothly there is perfect harmony, when we cling to rocks in the stream there is great turbulence and we must struggle to hang on but such struggle is futile. The delusion of one mind cannot overrule the momentum of the Cosmos, it cannot divert the will of God.


Conceptual Map for a Revolution
Conceptual Map for a Revolution


How to start a cultural movement or align with and foster already existing movements? At present I am only one but I seek to be many. This meme seeks to spread and open up other minds and enlighten their worlds. The mechanism of meme propagation is communication so the essence of growth is interaction, the dissemination of information, renormalisation with the surrounding context and building relationships and dependencies. How to communicate, what to communicate and to whom? These are the pivotal questions. What signals to send out? What response do I seek? I seek a growing curiosity, interest in and understanding of the most fundamental facts of existence and I use the language of SMN/IST to discuss these. I wish to encourage others to see into SMN/IST and then see through it to the deeper world beyond. I seek a growing collective of minds that have assimilated SMN/IST into their organising principle and have this in common, from here they can reach out into the world and teach this perspective to others. This perceptual lens, in a sense, will create a new 'world' to be experienced. These people will form a new sub species of human. Just as different genes produce different species of organism, different perspectives and organising principles produce different species of human.

This region of the fitness landscape is already populated but IST will consolidate it and restructure it into a coherent state of being. It will rise above the other clusters in fitness and will in time set a new standard for sentience.

I.e. there are already people who embody the spirit of that which I refer to as IST however they are disorganised and generally unaware of each other. The cultural movement will unite many of them and draw others into this paradigm and organise them into a coherent whole. They will be characterised by their broad awareness, diversity of perspective, holistic understanding, compassion, power and command of any situation. They will be the self aware and together they will eventually form self aware collectives; sentient emergent beings. The first such collective beings to rise from sub-conscious slumber into full consciousness.


What is it that I want?
What drives this manifestation onward?
Even if I knew completely that this 'I' was not,
even without any identification at all with any particulars,
even if I identified only with the whole,
these transcendent patterns that we perceive as an empirical world still exist in some way,
they still change and evolve so empirical things still come and go and interact,
there is definitely something happening in Brahman.

The empirical world is evolving and moving through time,
and we are a part of this movement,
there is work to be done but these little 'I's are not the doers,
they are the obstructions that create whole worlds of shadow,
they are the source of all delusion and suffering,
so to identify with the whole and to act without any sense of being the actor,
is that the way forward?

To be utterly transparent to the will of God?
To be God and be beyond the limited illusion of singular selfhood,
to be the whole and let the little pattern that people call 'you' do what it does,
and be an instrument of creation,
rather than being the focus of an ego,
with all its delusions and fears and desires and limited preconceptions.

There is serious work that God is doing through us yet out of our delusion,
we think we are the doers, we worry and fret, we think we need to take charge,
we go and get jobs out of fear of poverty or belief in materialist economics,
we go cruising for thrills and entertainment to feed our delusions and alleviate our emptiness,
we get angry and seek vengeance and retribution, we get greedy and seek power and wealth,
we take drugs and get whacked out, we entangle ourselves in deluded stories and sordid scenarios,
we think that we are in this world, we create mundane worlds out of mundane delusions,
we think we suffer, we think we seek God, we think we are growing in wisdom.

We think all kinds of crazy things,
when we should just Be and stop all this deluded thinking,
open up to the will of God as it flows through us and just Be,
because Brahman is All there Is, that is what we are,
these patterns in Brahman are just patterns,
by identifying with them we get caught in their illusion.

That pattern that underlies the manifestation that I call 'me',
is a real pattern but this 'I' is a fiction,
that pattern that underlies the manifestation that I call 'me',
will change and evolve along with all the other patterns in Brahman,
but 'I' have nothing to do with that,
indeed where lies the boundary between one pattern and another?
That is only a construct of perception,
that pattern that underlies the manifestation that I call 'me',
may change in ways that people perceive as pain,
but 'I' need not feel that pain, it is only if I identify with the state of the pattern that 'I' am in pain.

This whole world of human culture and interaction is built up from these delusions,
the beast depends on these delusions to keep us believing in ourselves as beings in the world,
it takes our stories about the world and uses them to bind us as cells in its organs and tissues,
if we knew ourselves as we are in Truth we would not believe in delusions like,
“maybe I need to get a job and work all my life in order to pay for all those 'necessities' of the consumer lifestyle and to make sure that I can keep consuming into my old age”.

Through delusions such as these we alienate ourselves from the work of God,
and we entangle ourselves in a system that purports to help us but only enslaves us,
our collective organisation is a part of the work of God,
but not in the way that the beast tries to entrap us in delusion and bind us in slavery,
the beast is the agglomeration of all our delusions, it is built out of the I-thought,
and all the fears and misconceptions that thereby arise,
it too is reaching for individuation and it too is thinking “I am”.

But being built out of limited delusions it is alienated from the Truth of what it is,
it is crude and cruel and riddled with confusion and craving,
just as we have suffered it too will suffer,
but through Truth we may correctly identify and overcome all suffering,
and so too may the beast but first it must open up to Truth.

There is a difference between myself and the average seeker for enlightenment,
I seek enlightenment but that is not my principle goal,
I mainly seek to be a servant of God,
I seek to be transparent to the will of God,
I seek to be a tool of God 'within' the world.

I seek not to escape the world,
but to dwell completely in reality on all levels,
in all aspects of it and to do the work of God therein,
I seek to be a lamp of the light of God,
a beacon of Truth in the darkness,
guiding those who are lost,
and comforting those who suffer.

That is the prayer in my heart,
that is my highest hope,
that is the purpose of this manifestation,
in spite of the ego that tries to live a life in the midst of all this,
that is the underlying cause of all that I am.


There are countless fountains of Love in this universe,
They are a growing force,
they will surely guide me in this endeavour.


Each servant of God has their level of operation,
when exercising our compassion we must chose the level at which this is done,
if one is to serve the needs of individuals one must not get caught up in issues involving the collective,
if one is to serve the collective one must not get caught up in the needs of individuals,
and between these two we must each find our balance.

I lean more toward serving the collective,
I am not totally insensitive to the needs of individuals but I wish to help the largest number possible,
I cannot devote myself to serving any one individual or small group,
I operate at the level of general principles that effect us all,
there is little that I can do to help any one individual but collectively I can help many.

And by 'help' I do not mean to increase their comfort and safety,
so that they can slump into apathy and delve deeper into delusion,
I mean to help them progress along the path toward understanding and mastery of themselves and their world,
to help them walk in the light of Truth for that alone will free them from their suffering.


I shouldn't fragment my work according to peoples prejudices and pander to these delusions, SMN should not be isolated from its meaning. This is a major fault with research at present, power is separated from wisdom.

That is what I was planning to do before when I thought to develop SMN in a purely hard headed rationalist way so that it would be the bait for all those lost in the hard headed rationalist delusion. And I would develop all the philosophical aspects in the form of a philosophical discourse and I would develop all the mystical aspects in the form of a mystical discourse. In the course of this endeavour I would have to pretend to be many different types of people and to wear many ill fitting hats.

But if there is anything that experience has taught me is that I simply cannot do that, I am simply incapable of that degree of pretense. That's why I am a dysfunctional member of society, I can't pretend to be this mythical 'normal' person that I am supposed to be. I am a hopeless employee, I feel like a slave and I spiral into abject misery.

And besides, pandering to narrow prejudice only reinforces that prejudice and allows the prejudiced to remain trapped within their prisons of the mind.


What is it that I am trying to do here, in the short term I want to get a detailed and coherent discourse together and I want to get SMN working as a practical simulation tool but why, what is it that I am trying to achieve? What are the main aspects that I am interested in the long term? It's not about developing SMN as a software paradigm or about writing vast books and web sites about intricate details.

In a real sense I am far more passionate about the metaphysical possibilities of SMN than its engineering applications; I am more interested in understanding the deep mysteries of this world than in doing lots of activities in it. But I want SMN to mature into a usable and flexible and well understood modeling language and for that it needs quite a lot of development, to begin with a GUI to hide all the mathematical detail so one can play around with systems rather than matrices, and it would be more likely to get this if there were definite practical benefits for it and not just metaphysical or philosophical uses. But SMN could also be developed as a mathematical modeling paradigm and used to explore metaphysical issues regardless of whether there were any practical applications.

But I mainly want to develop and release IIST as a philosophical paradigm because the perspective and vision that it provides of this world could seriously change this world for the better. It could unify many ways of knowing and open up whole new ways of knowing, it would open many peoples eyes. Many peoples eyes are already open but there is no unified paradigm within which these people can communicate and share ideas. The dominant discourse is still resting on faulty metaphysical foundations and this makes the whole structure of civilisation crooked and unstable.

So in the short term I want to get the idea out there and get people interested in it so that there will be more than just one or a few of us working in isolation and then things will really start happening. So I need a good working prototype of SMN and a good discourse on all aspects of this paradigm. Then I need to propel the whole process in a positive direction, toward new learning and openness to new ideas rather than just the assimilation of blind power into old agendas based on false metaphysics and denial of reality.

So in the short term I am working toward developing a small prototype of SMN and also developing a small initial discourse which outlines the key aspects of SMN and IIST and their ramifications.


Oh Lord,
fill me with thy Love, thy Wisdom and thy Holy Spirit.
I am a cup to be filled and when full to the brim,
I am a fountain overflowing into all the worlds.

With thy Grace, a flood shall spread across the face of creation,
to bathe it in thy Love and flow into all the dark crevices,
awakening the hearts of all thy creatures.

So that all shall know thy glory and praise thee,
the most high almighty God.


These stubs I write are like a tourist who approaches a sight of wonder and majesty,
I bask in its beauty but then think to capture it and record it.
But the beauty and truth cannot be caged, it exists in the present,
in the open minded resonance of the moment.

I know not why I make these brief sketches,
perhaps I am an artist and ideas are my medium,
with words I chisel images into the page.

Perhaps they are for the benefit of my future self and for others,
many who know not even that these sights exist to be seen.
These words only hint at the Truth, they may perhaps inspire some to seek it,
for only by approaching the truth oneself may one ever know the truth.

To truly enjoy the experience I should put down my sketch pad more often,
still my thoughts,
and simply immerse myself in the beauty and truth that is everywhere.


With each thought and idea and concept and stub I am placing dots upon a conceptual canvas and gradually building up a pointillist painting; a portrayal of the state of this world as it is known through my mind. When I step back and look at it from a distance the view is awe inspiring. One of my main endeavours is to draw all of these points together and reify this image into an interactive knowledge space; the IST conceptual network.


I wish to start a collective discourse and collaboration around SMN / IST / Anandavala and any other related concepts. I will be the main initial contributor but I want it to become a fully communal space for sharing ideas and collaboratively building a knowledge space and within that, creating a vision of our highest hope. I want it to be more of a participatory dance than a static image from a particular perspective.


I have written quite a lot over the years but I have hardly ever read back through any of it,
it just accumulates behind me like a trail stretching off into the distant past,
I hope I haven't been going in circles.... ;-)
but in some ways I have,
I keep circling around the same complex of ideas,
finding new views on it and new ways of thinking about it,
but I still go on about the same issues as always...
Hopefully I am gradually refining and building an image that will later form into a coherent whole.