Spirit - Assorted Brief Writings

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God speaks to us through our hearts,
this is then interpreted by our minds,
but our minds are products of our life experiences,
so each of us will interpret the same heart message in different ways.

Devotional myths may state that certain books are the infallible word of God,
but this is a myth that comes between us and God,
all true servants of God must be open to God directly,
not via our interpretations of a book written by God through the heart and mind of a man.

Such books are the work of God but they are also filtered through mortal minds,
to know God we must do as the original prophets did and listen to God ourselves.
Ancient scripture may deliver a message to us but God speaks to us every single moment,
listen to the living God within your heart, not only to a message from a distant past.


To always have a prayer in ones heart,
to always be giving thanks to the Lord,
is to always have ones mind fixed firmly on the WHOLE.

To not slip into the perceptual illusion of narrow contexts,
thinking it's just me and this and no one else need know what sneaky things I get up to,
for this leads to actions which are out of synch with the whole.

For the narrow context arises from the limitation of our senses,
in Truth all is connected, nothing is separate, the whole is omniscient,
so to slip into the empirical delusion of narrow contexts is to fall out of harmony with the whole.

We are at all times a function of the whole,
we are as dependent upon the whole as a wave is upon the ocean,
we are nothing but a fragment of the whole.

To keep this in mind is to dwell in Truth,
to dwell in Truth is to dwell in prayer,
to dwell in prayer is to be a harmonious part of the dance that is creation.


God is the totality of being,
the tower of complexity is seen to go forever downwards and forever upwards,
prior to this seeing, there is only God; infinite detail, infinite range,
This physical world is finite and discrete, but this is but a dream within the mind of God,
one world in an infinity of worlds, one slice of the multiverse,
a point within the permutation space, within the imagination of God.

The Permutation Space is the imagination of God.


All those who speak truth will face opposition from those who dwell in delusion,
but Truth will be told,
that is God's will and God's gift to the world,
even though we may continually deny and kill God's messengers,
out of infinite compassion God sends more and more to speak Truth,
and to combat ignorance that leads to delusion,
for this is the root of all evil.


Am I a servant of God?
Am I a son of God?
Am I God?
I am all three.

These words cannot capture the truth of this issue,
there are subtleties that go far beyond simple words,
this is a great mystery of existence.

There is only one God but we are all God,
a non-dual truth gives rise to seeming paradox within the world of duality.

A wave upon the ocean may say “I am ocean”,
if it has overcome its delusion of separateness,
and identified with its deeper source.

This is not to say “I am 'the' ocean”,
which is obviously wrong,
just as to say “I am a wave” is a partial truth,
an illusion of individual separateness from the ocean.

We have no existence separate from God,
to deny this is to deny the supremacy of God.

Another wave may hear the statement “I am ocean”,
if it too has overcome the illusion of separation it will perceive the truth of it,
if it has not overcome the illusion of separation it will perceive only heresy.

We seem separate, indeed within the world of our senses we are separate,
but within the realm of transcendent truth we are all one, there is only God.
We are servants of God because we are wholly and utterly dependent upon God,
God is the foundation, origin, sustenance and end of all existence,
the life within all life,
the essence of all that is known and unknown,
all that is seen and unseen.
God is all there is,
there is nothing that is not God.

To serve God is to honour and harmonise with That which IS,
to not serve God is to lose ourselves in futile delusion,
and bring upon us inevitable destruction.
To live one must serve God for God is Truth.

To serve God one must abandon all preconceptions,
and submit entirely to That Which IS,
there is no room for illusion in the service of God,
only truth prevails and truth is hostile to all delusion,
even those of the confused and well meaning.

This creation is fractal, as above so below,
it is this that Christ expressed in the analogy of being 'the son of God',
we are all created in the image of God,
Christ said he was the son of God to indicate that we was God,
yet he was not 'the' God; “I am ocean” not “I am 'the' ocean”.

Christ was sent to tell us that we are all sons of God,
in our innermost essence we are all God,
this does not mean that God gives birth to children like we do and only to sons at that,
one must be careful when using empirically founded ideas to understand God,
as below so above, below and above are related but not the same.

There has been much confusion in our simple minds,
God is beyond our full comprehension,
God is beyond words which are just empirical symbols,
used to represent concepts that we have abstracted from our empirical experiences.
Transcendent Truth cannot be wholly contained in empirical words,
since words rely on interpretation but the Truth is absolute.

Words may only point at the truth,
and different words mean different things to different minds.
To speak in words to ones as ignorant as we,
God must use language of our own making.

And even then the words are but veils cast over a deeper message,
the veil gives an exoteric meaning for the multitudes,
and they reveal, to those who know the keys, an esoteric message,
of profound subtlety and power that it cannot be spoken openly,
not that it wont be spoken, it cannot be spoken.

It is in our hearts that God constantly speaks to us in Gods own language.
Love God, Know God, at all times be open to God and serve God.
When God enters into your heart the ego steps down from the throne,
then there is only God.

When one is transparent to the will of God,
there is no separate self, there is only God.

Open your heart, invite God in and you will Know.
All confusion ceases, all illusion falls away.
One may seem separate to the eyes of the unenlightened,
but you will know there is no you, there is only God.


Amongst we of much faith and fervour but simple minds,
there arises many confusions,
to serve God we must overcome them lest we begin to serve evil.
Fanaticism arises when our hearts stop listening to God,
and our minds listen only to our own meagre understanding.

As a mark of faith and devotion many believe certain books to be the 'word of God',
or certain empirically defined laws or concepts to be the 'Will of God',
but God did not speak only to some scribe in the ancient past,
God speaks to us all, ALL THE TIME, if only we would listen.

When God speaks to each of us it is in a manner that is individually suited to us,
words are a deeply personal resonance in a persons mind,
when transplanted they change meaning.
God knows this but our simple minds ignore such subtleties.

God's message is conveyed through the heart, not through words,
by focusing only on words we close the inner door on God,
and glorify our minds and interpretations and ideas as if they were God.

If we are to stop the evil in the world we need to stop our babbling minds,
and tyrannical egos and listen to the still voice in our hearts,
to realign with the will of God, realign with the Universe.
All sins will be forgiven for those who surrender to Truth,
and those who cling to their words and their preconceptions will be annihilated by Truth.

This is not vengeance, it is natural law,
just like one who denies the existence of a bus and is flattened thereby.


I have many books on God,
much of today's writing is the product of resonances stirred within me by two of them,
yet it is not in books that God is to be found,
it is in the heart, through prayer that one is touched by the divine,
I must give great weight to prayer,
and beware of thoughts about God that accumulate in books.

It is not only the heart but the mind also, which must be open to God,
in this, books and thoughts and words and ideas have much to offer,
but words will only point the direction,
they will not take one to God or fully prepare one for receiving God.

The heart must be open and tender like a flower waiting for the dew to fall.


Tourist infrastructure analogy of religion
There may be a glorious sight that gladdens the heart of all who see it,
people want to share this wondrous experience, people flock to it.

Paths are made, lookouts, railings, signs, even a kiosk,
there are guides and tour groups in abundance,
everyone is coming to experience the wondrous sight.

But all are trapped within a tourist infrastructure,
they glimpse the beauty but only from within a maze of human constructs,
only whilst being bustled about within an artificial machine.

The glory reaches out to our hearts but our hearts are trapped behind a barrier,
we are separated from the truth, which has become a commodity to grasp at,
but not to participate in.

The infrastructure takes on a life of its own,
in time it thinks of the wondrous sight as its possession,
it tries to own the sight in order to ensure its own continued existence.

Whilst everyone is bustling about trying to get a glimpse through the crowd,
a few solitary souls are repelled by the commotion,
they avoid the tourist trap and sit quietly at a distance,
gazing silently into the wondrous glory as it reaches gently into them.


To be transparent to the will of God,
is to be without ones own agenda,
to not know whither the wind will blow thee,
but to know that one will always be,
in the right place,
at the right time,
doing the right thing.


Consider the analogy of an earthly lord and his servants,
Who is most exalted amongst the servants?
Is it they who toil in the kitchens lovingly preparing the lords food?
Or they who scrub and clean the lords mansions?
Or they who tend to the lord himself, waiting on his every need?
Or they who blow the trumpets to announce the coming of the lord?

No servant is more exalted than another,
it is the lord alone who is exalted.
We servants are to be humble before the lord,
and sacrifice ourselves for the greater glory of the lord.


Do not focus overly on method,
if it is method we worship in our hearts and minds it is method we attain.
Love of God, love of Truth is the underlying method,
for then we enter into the mystery of life and attain the Grace of God.

It is true that one who prays or meditates or lives righteously,
shall be better situated to love God,
but it is not we who coerce God into our hearts.
Anyone no matter how confused, hateful or degraded they may be,
may be blessed by the Grace of God.

When ones heart opens to God the Holy Spirit comes flooding in,
all the toys of our childhood and the crutches of our debility are cast aside,
regardless of the past all are transformed by the Love of God.

Judge not your brothers and sisters,
for their journey from forgetting to remembrance is theirs alone,
seek only that you are true to your Self and invite Truth into your heart.

For some this journey is straight and narrow,
blessed are they for they are like arrows of longing,
shot straight into the heavens.

For some this journey has many twists and turns,
blessed are they for they explore the complexities of the infinite One,
and after many experiences they wind their way home to God.

Honour the Truth of what you are,
Love God in all things, times and places,
and all of the covenants shall be fulfilled,
all of your potential shall unfold.


Do not think of God as some character in some story,
there has been too much talk of God throughout history,
and not enough experience of God.

God isn't an old man on a cloud,
nor is God a He or a She,
nor is God blue with four arms,
nor does God answer to a particular name,
nor does God favour a particular people or time or place,

God is All that Is,
call this what you will,
God is infinite and cannot be caged within a definition,
there are countless handles by which we try to know God,
but God cannot be grasped and pulled into our empirical agendas.

God is not found in a particular book,
nor does God care if we worship on a particular day,
nor does God speak only in certain languages.
Everything that Is is the word of God.

God is everywhere at all times if only we would stop and notice.
God is only recognised through a still mind and open heart,
God is Truth, God is the Universe, God is you and I,
God is the smallest of the small and the largest of the large,
God is the unification of all duality, every-thing and no-thing,

If our minds be not still and our hearts be not open,
we dwell in the world of our own illusions.
This blinds us to the majesty of God,
isolates us from the wonder of creation,
it cripples us and leads us into conflict with That which Is.

This alone is sin, to dwell in delusion is sin,
because it alienates us from Truth, from God.
Know that the wages of sin are destruction,
and the wages of openness to Truth are life, love, power and glory,
forever without end.
For what could cause an end but sin?
If not for entropy all processes would be eternal!
If not for the wear on an engine it would run forever.


Think you that you are alone and without aid?
Know that all the saints and enlightened ones of all time have never left your side.
Call to but one of them and your burden shall be lifted.

They are servants of God and if even they are not enough,
the Lord God is nearer than near, is the very essence of us all,
call out with Love and all shall be well.

Each of us has our Holy Guardian Angel,
this is our soul, this is God manifesting within us,
this is our salvation, which words cannot convey,
look within, open your heart and mind and all will become clear.


Through many twists and turns has my path meandered,
through open fields, dark caves and pleasure domes of sweet illusion.

Always driven on by an unseen force, never knowing why or where I was going,
but often having a plausible rationalisation for each step of the way.

Driven on without stopping, pressure building against obstacles, dam walls breaking,
flowing around, over and through, never ceasing, life is movement.

Each step a lesson from the Universe, each moment closer, each breath nearer,
but to what I knew not, to that which drew me onwards, my goal, my great attractor.

Not seeking anything but Truth, not even knowing what Truth is, no preconceptions,
I believed nothing but my own experience of Truth, no mortal teacher could teach me.

Despising this God that people harped on about, fearing the trap of their ignorance,
despising the world of greed and opportunism, fearing the emptiness and futility.

Needing some kind of answer to questions I could not formulate, searching tirelessly,
longing for release but finding no rest or reprieve.

Driven beyond despair I came crashing to a halt, I could look no further,
I knew these roads went nowhere new, so here I fell to the ground.

Suddenly I realised that in all my searching there was one place I had not looked,
inside of the one who was looking, to see to the source of sight.

Then I knew Truth, I knew what drew me onwards, I knew my Self,
all these things are one, God is the source of all, God is the only meaning.

Here in prayer I expand to fill all the world, I need not move one inch,
there is nowhere else, only here in God, all searching has ended in Bliss Eternal.


God is everywhere,
God is everything,
God is not an empirical being like we,
God dwells not in a world,
God creates not in a world,
When God creates there is no duality between creator and creation,
God is All there Is.
God is the substance and the form.
God is pantheistic.

If given the choice between theism and atheism,
the choice between there being a creator separated from its creation,
or there being no separate creator at all and only the creation,
then atheism is far closer to the truth.

For there is only creation and God is both the creator and the creation,
there is no other, there is no separation.
Within what world would this separation manifest?
The whole cannot be anything but All there Is, there is no other.


If you believe there is some structure and order to reality,
if you believe nature is worthy of respect,
if you believe that we cannot persist in arbitrary agendas without dire consequences,
if you believe that delusion causes one to come into conflict with reality,
if you believe that reality will always conquer delusion,
if you believe harmony and justice are essential,
if you believe arbitrary power does not overrule Truth,
if you believe that might does not equal right,
if you believe that mainstream exoteric Religion is misguided,
if you believe that this Universe has the power to overrule our puny agendas,
if you believe that Truth cannot be destroyed by any amount of falsehood,
then you believe in God, regardless of what you call it,
for God is the foundation of reality, without God any petty tyrant may proclaim sovereignty,
without God anyone may reprogram the very laws of nature,
God is the rock upon which the Universe is built,
no amount of human law or power may make delusion a permanent reality,
Truth always overthrows delusion.


Oh Lord guide me,
I am your devoted servant,
I serve only the whole.


I have never been religious but I have been throughout my adult life deeply spiritual,
I have always had misgivings about organised religion,
when one integrates with others one must use words and symbols,
which are adequate if all parties have a good understanding of what is being discussed.

But if one doesn't understand and one is trying to get an understanding,
then often the words and symbols become empty signifiers,
that dance about and confuse one into thinking that one knows something,
when it's all a word game that has become divorced from reality.

This is a general problem with language or any system of symbols and signs,
they must at some point connect with experience to gain any meaning,
they must at some point connect through experience with the ground of being,
otherwise we lose sight of Truth and delusions overwhelm us.

This is a danger with western religion where there is so little focus on direct experience of God,
and so much importance put on words and symbols and books and dogmas,
these take on new meanings as misunderstandings pile on top of each other,
and people become evermore alienated from God.

In Eastern spiritual traditions there has never been an attempt to separate people from God,
and to place a book and a human church as an intermediary, this was the work of the beast,
in the east the focus has primarily been on direct personal experience,
and only then do the philosophies and words and symbols make any sense.

Only now, since I have glimpsed the transcendent foundation of reality,
and have become acquainted with God can I understand the words and symbols of religion.
Before they where empty husks and dry lifeless delusions,
but now they speak to me of profound Truths and subtle mysteries, vibrant with life and energy.

At first IST was my guide or my grounding in reality and I tried to understand everything through it,
by many subtle degrees this shed light upon the meanings of Vedanta,
and through this my understanding grew until other scriptures began to have meaning,
until suddenly Christianity has blazed upon my horizon as a bright a glorious beacon of Truth.

There has been so much confusion and despair surrounding Christianity,
but within its core it is powerful and subtle and profound,
it is a deep and broad river of communion with the divine essence of reality,
and I tremble upon its threshold as I humbly enter upon its mysteries.

Only now that I have some degree of experience am I able to engage in religion,
without becoming hopelessly lost in delusion,
only now can I contemplate interacting with others in pursuit of God,
but I must be extremely careful who I associate with because there is so much confusion in the world.


Prayer is not a posture and a sequence of words,
it is a subtle opening of the heart and focusing of the mind,
it is communing with ones soul,
and through this with the soul of the cosmos.

It is harmonising and aligning with the will of God,
as ones will aligns with the will of the cosmos all that one desires will come to pass,
for there is nothing greater and more glorious than All that Is.

With constant prayer we become creators in the likeness of God,
by this constant openness to Truth we become beacons of light,
by subtle degrees all darkness is cast out or in one fell swoop we are pure,
time is in the mind, in reality we have never not been perfect.


We creatures are instruments in the hands of God,
as the divine will flows through us we are each made to sing according to our nature,
God does not require the flute to give forth crashing thunder nor the drums to whisper sweet melodies,
we are each a unique part of the great symphony of creation.

Like instruments we are singular and delicate,
in need of maintenance and tuning,
through each of us the score is of Gods devising and the sound is that of our own making,
when we lose our tune we make a cacophony of Gods heavenly music,
and bring discord into the whole symphony.

May God keep us in good order and not let us stray into disharmony,
let not each instrument wander aimlessly without harmony with the whole,
and let not the heavenly score be forsaken for others of arbitrary making,
for all then falls into chaos and noise.

And let us not fight over who has the greatest voice,
with the violins saying everyone must sing as we sing,
and the trombones saying everyone must sing as we sing,
for we each sing in our own way,
and with our voices united we give praise to the glory of the Lord.


Some of the most ardent seekers of God,
are scientists and philosophers who deny the existence of God,
but through their search for Truth they unwittingly uncover God.

I know, I sought only truth,
despising this God of peoples fairy tales,
I pursued a path through science, philosophy and esoteric metaphysics,
which converged through information theory and system theory.

Not only did I find Truth in abundance but a living God,
metaphorically staring me right in the eye,
waiting patiently, guiding me gently and embracing me lovingly as I awoke from slumber.


The 'Devil' is a concept of our own making,
to label that which is not conducive to harmony, truth, light, life and love.
Indeed 'God' is a concept of our own making,
to label that which is conducive to harmony, truth, light, life and love.


With Love we bind life to life,
with Joy we serve God,
with Harmony we create worlds within worlds,
in Bliss we are Gods great creation.


God is the innermost being in each of us,
In truth all is one, there is no 'each',
In truth, all there is is God,
Before the perceptual barrier there is only God,
After the perceptual barrier there are the 'ten thousand things',
Each of us is an aspect of God,
Like a hologram, each of us is God, in whole and in part.


In truth there is no I, there is no God,
no inner and no outer,
There is only resonant bliss,
All else is only a partial truth.


You are I and I am you,
Can you feel it?
We branches rise from the same root,
We are the same tree,
We are all there is,
We are God.


Looking about this caravan, through the windows to the fields,
this is the shape of my delusion,
this is God made manifest to my senses,
this 'outer' God I see but it is the 'inner' God that I love,
God, not on the surface of things but within and throughout,
God that permeates, that IS all that is,
God beyond perception, appearance, manifestation,
I am one with the transcendent ...


Meditate on the cosmic field, on the transcendent network of interactions,
and you will see through the illusion of isolation.

One who meditates on the world of fragments will Be a fragment amongst fragments,
One who meditates on the whole will become whole, they will Be the Whole.


It is only in the whole that anything has meaning,
all narrow contexts lead to delusion.
One who looks only at their feet will stumble,
one who looks only at the profit margin will wreak havoc,
one who looks only to one book will lose sight of God,
one who's body only nourished the brain would die.

God is the whole, this is why mystics go on about God so much,
the only thing that truly matters is the whole.
To know the whole, to love the whole and to serve the whole,
is the path of all sages and mystics.
We serve no lesser God than the whole.

To know the whole is to be firm in ones wisdom,
although one part may falter the whole retains perfect balance,
although darkness sets in here light shines forth there.
To know the whole is to never have cause for despair.

To serve the whole is to see nothing as separate,
nothing as 'someone else's problem',
everything in this Universe is mine,
as surely as I belong to this Universe.

To love the whole one cannot care only for this but not for that,
every being that suffers is my suffering,
every being that rejoices is my joy,
Nothing is separate, my life cannot be compartmentalised.