Knowing - Assorted Brief Writings

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There are two perspectives on the one cosmos and there is truth in both.
There is the inner experience of the transcendent field, through the intellect and heart united,
and the outer experience of the phenomenal world, through the lens of the senses and the mind.
These provide subjective and mechanistic views on the one cosmos and there is truth in both.

But the Truth lies beyond these, beyond the union of inner and outer, in the greater space,
wherein no-thing exists, but which is the substance of all things,
wherein there is only one and not many, where all things have their beginning and end.
This third perspective grasps the root and the entire tree thereby.

It reaches beneath the separate self and comprehends the world of the true Self.
Prior to individuation into a separate perspective, there is no separation,
there is only oneness and that is the deepest reality of all.
We are each Atman and Atman is Brahman, our Self is the Self of the Cosmos.

From out of the unified field we resolve many forms,
the field resonates on many levels and like is drawn to like,
we resonate and harmonise like voices in a choir,
with harmony upon harmony we build ever higher.


This is from a dream; I awoke with this, in embryo, within my mind:

The spaces between objects and the moments between events,
these are blind spots wherein happens the rest of reality,
these are cracks in the mechanistic world view, through which we may peer,
and see into the beautific vision of the greater whole.


Regarding Satsang (communion with Truth):

We each experience and conceptualise the world from different perspectives and form agendas centred upon these perspectives and we attain unity by keeping things near to the lowest common denominator. These agendas conflict, our perspectives conflict and our worlds collide. Then we communicate, purportedly to resolve these differences but too often these are only power struggles. We protect our perspective and undermine the other's, we use strategies to win the argument rather than discover the truth. Our language and conceptual framework has been corrupted by these power games.

Is there some way of coming together to honour the truth, to respect our different perspectives and to collectively work toward a realisation of the truth? Perhaps using techniques of meta analysis and clarification; exploration of definitions, meanings, assumptions; a collective merging of different perspectives, ways of systematically exploring concepts together without our different perspectives constantly leading to conflict.

When words become weapons the truth cannot flow,
the first casualty of any conflict is the truth...

Too often when I converse with another it seems to me that they are either seeking entertainment,
or perhaps they are playing some game or pursuing some agenda,
they know not what they are discussing, nor do they care,
they accumulate knowledge to use as a weapon to ensure the supremacy of their ego
within the conversational battle that they assume they are engaged in.

The art of deep conversation seems to me to be lost amongst contemporary Australians,
There is wisdom to be found in their hearts but it only manifests in solitude,
as soon as they get together their egos take control,
from here on, the only wise action is silence.
I am no different, amongst people I was a babbling fool,
until I learnt to keep my mouth shut.

It is true there are some who try and to some degree succeed,
but the language is so confused,
the idiom is dominated by mundane mass culture and sloppy thinking,
the words themselves have become lies,
the Truth cannot transmit through this channel.

This is a major reason for my solitude,
to purify the sacred space,
to seek wisdom.


If I were to grip my life rigidly and control it consciously,
like this society tried to teach me to do,
I would only move in directions that are projections of what I already know,
I would be programmed and unable to escape my programming,
and that leads me down well worn paths that are drudgery for my soul.

By staying open to the universe I am essentially useless to the societal machine,
I cannot be conditioned into a stable shape and made to run in well worn ruts,
I keep changing and growing and that's not good for a machine,
I would throw all the carefully ordered static relationships out of balance,
I simply cannot hold down a typical job unless I have a lobotomy.

But if society was conceived of not as a machine but an organism,
then all this growing would only be the growth of the organism too,
then people wouldn't have to be crippled and 'educated' to be robots,
they could be allowed to grow and learn and evolve for the greater good of society.

Just think how different such a world would be!
Instead of billions of factory workers we would have billions of geniuses.
Now that mass production is virtually automated,
as soon as we get a healthy distribution of the benefits of civilisation,
and a healthy concept of what are the necessities in life,
maybe society could flower with creative genius.


Experience is the Mother of language,
it is the source and the origin.

Experience is the conduit that draws Truth,
up from the ground of being,
giving language its meaning and its very existence.

When language lords it over experience,
we all spiral into delusion.
When ideas and expectations warp experience we lose all contact with reality.

When the word 'freedom' means domination and oppression,
When the word 'peace' means tougher laws and more surveillance,
When the word 'progress' means growing despair and destruction,
When the phrase 'economic rationalism' means the tightening grip of mindless exploitation,
When the word 'education' means the crippling of our genius and the breaking of our spirit,
When the word 'God' means a character in a story telling you to hate other people,
When the word 'love' means romantic escapism and a valentines day marketing gimmick,
When the word 'reality' means conformity to the current brand of insanity,
When our words bear no relation to truth we are lost in delusion,
When our words interpret our world for us our experience diverges from Truth,
this newspeak is blinding us to the glory of reality,
and enslaving us in a dreary mechanised world of shallow illusion.

This is the power of media driven modern propaganda,
it need not tell blatant lies which any may know to be lies,
it subtly warps our language, our perceptions, the meanings of things,
it instils in us a sense of normality which is its vision of the world it wants us to see.

Being ignorant of the nature of perception we experience our world through these lies,
and we experience what they want us to experience,
then it seems that experience is proof of what they say.

We really perceive terrorists trying to enter the country,
when they were only terrified human beings fleeing from regimes of terror.

We really perceive that military intervention has made the world safer,
when really the world is about to explode in violence because of all the militarism.

We really perceive that tougher law and order has put those delinquents in there place,
when it was only children, brutalised and confused who are now locked up in prison,
being slowly turned into sociopathic monsters.

Billions of people, the world over, spend hours a day consuming this propaganda,
experiencing their pseudo-reality through this lens of lies and deceit,
subtly warping their whole understanding of themselves,
their world and the meaning of everything.

I have not consumed mass media since 2001,
withdrawing from that psychedelic drug my mind has clarified,
my perceptions are more real and my world has expanded and deepened.

The lies that circulate as truth are astounding in their nakedness,
but people still bow down to this emperor even though he has no clothes.
Could it be because their minds have internalised the clothes,
and they see these constructs of their conditioning?

Even more astounding is the lie that is told,
“To you the emperor may seem naked but everyone else sees his clothes”.
Virtually everyone I have known has been sane enough to not really believe the lies,
but they still bow down to them, perhaps because they are told that everyone else believes them.

Could it be that virtually nobody believes these lies,
but everyone goes along with it because they think everyone else will go along with it?
Is this insanity or is this just stark raving mad?

If every brain cell in your head became apathetic and sloppy in their functioning,
you would become insane.
If every person in society became apathetic and sloppy in their discernment of truth,
society would become insane.

Language can only be redeemed by an open minded return to its source,
to experience the world anew, not through the lens of high level constructs,
but with wide eyed awe and wonder.


To say, “here is a mythical character, so believe in it,
and these are what it said it liked and disliked, so adhere to it”,
that's all a bit simplistic, naïve and static for a modern, sophisticated, rapidly evolving society,
and to drift without direction and guidance from the universe,
leaves us open to all kinds of delusions and power struggles and destructive forces.

We need to get beyond the metaphors of spirituality and see their metaphysical and scientific basis,
we need to bring science out of its bondage as a tool for creating blind power,
we need to develop a combined science and spirituality that asks the fundamental questions,
What is this universe? What are we? Where are we going? What's happening?
How can we fit in? How can we create and participate? What dangers are there?

For only when we know our true context can we act appropriately,
only when we know the wider agenda of which we are a part can we know what is right and wrong,
only when we have enough information can we act intelligently,
only when we know the Truth can we avoid falling into delusion,
only when we harmonise with that which is can we not come into conflict with that which is,
only when we can create harmoniously, extending that which is, can our creations last,
and become foundations of future creation rather than passing delusions of ignorance and stupidity,
only then will we cease to be brutal beasts and become co-creators with God.


One might say that it is meme complexes that control us by weaving delusions in our minds,
we are all carriers of memetic infestations and by interacting we spread these infections,
but the greatest spreader of memetic infection is the media.

It is a vast multi-tipped syringe for injecting memetic viruses into the collective consciousness,
anyone may use it to spread their contagion so long as it doesn't run counter to the media's agenda.
Any crass marketing campaign, any populist fad that will make money,
any attempt at social manipulation or deception that furthers the capitalist, fascist hegemony,
all these are broadcast throughout the nation, like crop-dusters spreading viruses through the air,
we become infected, our minds are pushed and pulled,
we lose control and become puppets to our memetic controllers,
but not wanting to believe this we deny it, we own our actions and move on,
indeed there are all kinds of memes at work in our psyche,
memes to make us buy products, memes to make us fear certain things,
memes to make us feel empowered when we succumb to memetic pressure,
memes to keep us oblivious of our memetic infection and loss of control,
memes to make us docile and obedient, memes to make us love our oppressors,
memes to keep us trapped in tiny prisons of delusion so we can never even see the light of Truth,
memes to inoculate us from Truth in case we ever stumble upon it,
to make us recoil in horror if we should ever encounter that which isn't a sanctioned delusion.

There is both art and science in our use of memes, much of it is deliberate but much is accidental.
We utilise these memes without really understanding what they are or how they work,
in this it is an art form. We know that spreading these kinds of lies elicits this kind of behaviour,
so we use it to program and control whole societies without understanding the full ramifications.
But they all have side-effects, our minds are being pushed and pulled in ways we do not understand,
I strongly suspect that the growing rate of depression, apathy, anxiety, drug abuse, despair,
and mental and social disorders of all kinds are closely related to our uncontrolled use of memetic manipulation.

I have battled with several forms of drug addiction, social disorders, withdrawal from consumer products, withdrawal from discourses of comfort and social authenticity, withdrawal from the media, and numerous other ways in which I have confronted the memes that have controlled me.

If you are a junk food lover just try to go without for a while and every time you pass a takeaway store, notice how your mind responds, a meme complex wakes up and tries to control you,
or try quitting cigarettes if you are a smoker and observe your mind throughout the process,
or try to let go of your titles and job descriptions and ego crutches and just become a nobody,
and observe how your mind responds and keeps trying to reach for those crutches.

But memes are far subtler than these obvious forms,
they permeate our psychology, philosophy, metaphysics, spirituality, science and language.
They condition our whole beliefs and experiences of reality,
they form intricate self reinforcing networks of beliefs that bind our minds,
just look at all the various factions in politics,
the left or right or fascist or capitalist or socialist or liberal or whatever,
each of these factions is defined by a meme complex that has bound these minds,
within its particular network of self reinforcing beliefs.

They have become blind to reality,
they see only the world as portrayed through the filter of their meme complexes,
they can only conceive of the world in terms of things they already believe,
I too am bound by my own meme complex,
it is un-nameable but an aspect of it I call IST,
without ideas I cannot grasp and speak about things,
but IST is not blind to itself as most other meme complexes are,
it knows it is a meme complex that veils the Truth,
and it tries to take account of this and not lead me into delusion.


Could you carry on with your everyday activities in peace,
if there was someone right next to you being horribly tortured?

What if they where a few metres away?
Perhaps out of sight but their screams still pierced your ears?
Perhaps just out of range of your perceptions?
What about in an opaque sound proof box right next to you?
What about in some government institution or psychopaths basement?

At what point does ones conscience not get aroused?
Where is this threshold?
Is it entirely in the mind?
Does distance really matter?
What about time?

What if it was someone you loved?
Would distance matter then?
It is all a question of whether we are able to ignore it or not.
If we can then we go on with our lives oblivious to their suffering.


Perception is a process occurring in time,
in a single moment there is no perception,
there is only the transcendent network,
there are no things, no places and no events,
this world illusion cannot manifest in the moment,
it is as moments blur together into past and future,
that the empirical story is woven in our minds.


The ego is the root of delusion,
it is formed out of illusion and weaves illusion about itself,
to give itself substance and to protect itself from Truth.

The body is a civilisation of trillions of cells,
out of their intricate interactions they manifest mind,
within this context, at the focal point of the senses,
the ego arises as a collective executive,
it has no existence in itself without the underlying functions of body and mind,
but the ego says “I am” and the delusions begin.

This prototype can be seen manifesting elsewhere,
the world is a civilisation of billions of people,
not to mention the animals, plants and 'inanimate' participants,
out of their intricate interactions they manifest culture or society,
within this context, at the focal point of the communication streams,
organisations arise as collective executives,
empires, nation states, corporations, churches, institutions of all kinds,
they have no existence in themselves without the underlying functions of beings in society,
but they say “I am” and the delusions begin.

For the ego to sustain its singular sovereignty it must deny the reality of that which it is,
it weaves itself a personality or a mythic character within a story,
it uses images, inclinations, weaknesses and talents of its underlying substrate,
it identifies with the body saying “I am the body” but this is a lie,
it identifies with the mind saying “I am the mind” but this is a lie,
it says “this body and mind are Mine” but that is a lie,
it uses them in pursuit of its agendas and pays little heed to their needs or their lives.

For organisations to sustain their singular authority they must deny the reality of that which they are,
they weave themselves a personality or a mythic character within a story,
they use images, inclinations, weaknesses and talents of their underlying substrate,
they identify with the people saying “I am the people” but this is a lie,
they identify with the society saying “I am the society” but this is a lie,
they say “these people and this society are Mine” but that is a lie,
they use them in pursuit of agendas and pay little heed to their needs or their lives.

The ego has an agenda to maintain its existence,
this applies a subtle warping pressure to all that passes by it,
all perceptions and experiences are distorted so as to hide the Truth,
and to maintain its illusion of sovereignty.

Organisations have an agenda to maintain their existence,
this applies a subtle warping pressure to all that passes by them,
all perceptions and experiences are distorted so as to hide the Truth,
and to maintain their illusion of authority.

When one perceives and experiences through the lens of an agenda,
all Truth is made subservient to that agenda,
if ones agenda is to maintain a delusion then Truth is corrupted,
and delusions proliferate as one moves further and further from the light of reality,
and one spirals down into darkness and conflict with reality.

Only when the substrate that one depends upon starts to give way,
when the body falls prey to disease, when the people are in open revolt,
only then do these beasts recognise the foundation that supports them,
only then do they take small steps to align themselves with Truth,
but too often they are trapped within intricate webs of lies and deceits,
built up over years or centuries and so entwined,
they know not what the Truth is nor how to recognise it.

In their attempts to alleviate their suffering they apply all kinds of warped and deluded ideas,
the body is in pain, maybe I should take some drugs to hide the pain,
the people are in revolt, maybe more law and order will suppress it,
the world is becoming unliveable, maybe more technology and authoritarian intervention will fix it,
they refuse to deal with the underlying problem,
because it is their whole agenda and relationship with reality that is the problem.

In their denial of Truth they look everywhere else but at themselves for a solution,
it is they who must change, they who must learn, they who must realign with reality,
if you are suffering in your life look not to others, look to your ego,
and its false expectations, look to the delusions that you cling to,
the stories that fill your mind of past injustices or the greed and avarice the corrupts your future,
that is the world that you create around you as you experience it through the lens of your agenda.

We each project our suffering upon each other that is true,
but it is only by producing suffering within us that we are able to project it onto others.
The ego within each of us and the collective ego that forms amongst us tries to bind us in delusion,
to fill us with fears, desires and false expectations so that we cling to it as our saviour,
and to inoculate our minds against Truth, Compassion, Reason and Justice.

If each of us were to cling to Truth as fervently as we now cling to delusion,
we would each open up to reality and becoming full of light we would become beacons of Truth,
and very soon the whole world would light up with Truth, casting out darkness,
and all would dwell in harmony with reality.


To any who say “I know reality, its all about houses and cars and friends and family”,
I say “you know a fragment of the world of appearances and only a minute part thereof”,
I ask them to picture the vastness of space as best they can,
or hundreds of millions of ordinary people murdered out of ignorance and greed,
and I ask them “how does this fit into your reality?”.
To truly know reality one must sacrifice all delusions no matter how comfortable.
The Truth is vast, implacable, inhuman and absolute.
It will set one free but it is a hard road to tread.


Only with an open mind and pure heart,
only in absolute readiness to leave behind everything we once knew,
only then may we know the Truth, only then may we be free.

All preconception, all knowledge is a prison for the soul,
only wisdom may set us free,
but wisdom cannot be tamed, it is wild as the universe is wild,
wisdom cannot be packaged and doled out to the passive,
it must be keenly sought, hard won and lovingly maintained.

There are no comfortable delusions where Truth lives,
in the land of Truth there is certainty and timeless security,
but to tread the path to this land requires absolute sacrifice,
at any moment our world may seemingly be turned upside down,
but that is only because our delusions are being shattered along the way.

On this holy pilgrimage to the land of Truth one cannot take anything but ones soul,
all baggage must be discarded along the way,
everything that we ever need is provided in abundance, no one shall go without.

But any who cling to their baggage must stay behind with their baggage,
for nothing impure may enter this land,
nothing impure may exist in this land,
to enter it is to be purified, to see it is to Know,
to Know it is to Love it, to Love it is to Be it.
Truth is all there is, Truth is That which IS, Truth is God.


Thoughts are internal symbols which we 'feel',
neural, cognitive states that we experience.
These symbols can be associated with things and can be manipulated,
this gives us the idiom of thought.
These symbols form an internal permutation space that we may navigate and explore,
a thought permutation is an idea or concept.

Through perception and experience these internal states are associated with perceptual states,
in this way we mirror our perceptions and information flows into us,
the structure 'outside' us creates structure 'inside' us.

Memory records symbols and permutations, these recorded ideas are knowledge.
Thought is the manipulation of symbols, thought cannot escape the idiom of thought,
it can only operate in the field of the known.

When thought is instrumental in the perceptual process,
then only that which is known or is a permutation of the known may be perceived,
this filters perception and produces entropy or the loss of information.

When thought is absent from the perceptual process,
then there is no reliance on known patterns and permutations,
the structure of the incoming signal may imprint itself directly upon the mind,
without being categorised and ordered according to what is known.

Then we may perceive to the limit of our ability,
not hindered and limited by that which we think or know or believe,
then we become a mirror to Truth rather than a mirror to our delusions.

It is when thought becomes quiet that intelligence becomes possible,
only when thought is still may the subtle voice of the unknown speak to us,
only when thought is still may God be known.

Thought points to things but it cannot capture the essence of any-thing,
thought binds us to the world of our past and the projections of this past into the future,
intelligence opens us up to the present, the eternal timeless creative NOW.

To experience that which is utterly new one must forget all that one knows,
then one may remember if one chooses to and then interpret the experience,
but know that this interpretation is just an abstraction,
the unconditined experience is a glimpse of reality, whilst the thought is just a construct.

If it is the Truth you seek,
do not identify with your thoughts,
do not dwell in your thoughts,
they are an inner reflection of reality,
but they need not bare any resemblance to the actual reality.


Thought is an idiom of permutations constructed from base idiomatic elements,
simple ideas merging to form more complex ideas.
Thought can only operate on discrete symbols, on fragments and pieces.

When thought dominates experience the world is broken into pieces,
categories proliferate and differences are all we see.
The whole is lost, the unity and completeness is lost,
we come to know ourselves as isolated fragments in a multitude of isolated fragments.

To counter this we imagine connections, interactions,
and causal chains that bind these fragments together,
but these are found by concerted study and only the tiniest portion of them,
may be catalogued and understood as fragments in themselves.

But this obsession with fragments of things and fragments of relations,
is a product of our obsession with thought.
Without thought the whole comes flooding in,

The ancients did not need science because they were not blind like us,
they could see directly,
they did not need to know through vast edifices of accumulated thought,
they simply had to still their mind and open up to the universe.

SMN is the means by which I have unified the fragments of my world,
to catch a glimpse of the whole,
but to truly know the whole I must forget all I know,
and listen to the universe.

One can only experience Truth, one cannot grasp it and package it,
for then it becomes knowledge, then it becomes dead specimens of the past,
but the Truth is forever present, although timeless it is forever new.


To desire is to have an agenda,
to have an agenda is to have expectations, hopes, needs, wants.
To experience the world through the lens of an agenda,
is to experience a world warped by an agenda,
there is no truth to be found here.

For one who seeks truth,
to harbour desires is to have a conflict of interest.


The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
If this is a glib cliché to you then your mind is closed as you wander aimlessly into hell.
We are fed with countless lies and delusions designed to subtly warp our minds, lives and worlds.
Evil is not some vast hideous ogre that is "ultimate evil",
that is a myth to obfuscate the nature of evil, promoted by those who wish to profit from evil.
Evil is ignorance and delusion, it dwells in us all,
to the degree that we deny Truth and we dwell in delusion, we are evil,
all evils in this world are perpetrated by well meaning but confused people.
The human formal structure is built upon a foundation of evil,
it is profoundly confused, ignorant, delusional and arrogant.
These are the seeds of evil - be sure they do not proliferate in your life,
since the fruits of evil are destruction.


Ignorance is the root of evil,
Entropy is sin,
but there is no judge and law tablets,
these are an archaic analogy devised within a patriarchal context.

God is not some great ego in the sky,
'God' is an analogy that uses a human power figure,
To represent the foundation of existence.

This analogy has been horribly misunderstood,
but rather than neglect the word entirely I sometimes use it in place of 'Reality',
because they mean the same thing.

Just as the “laws of physics" have no judge presiding over them, but are facts of nature,
so too are the “laws of God”.

Those who dwell in ignorance and delusion will lose sight of truth,
will come into conflict with That which Is,
and will bring suffering upon themselves and others,
due to the natural order of the universe.

One who approaches God with a closed mind and hardened heart will never know God,
this is the same with any attempt at knowing anything and God is the most subtle to know.

God cannot change these laws, but can only advise us on how to act in regards to them.
Out of compassion we are guided from without and within, if only we will accept this guidance.
To know God is to know Truth, to know Truth is to live in harmony with the world,
to live in harmony is to avoid conflict, suffering, decay and destruction.

One who knows truth dwells in heaven whereas one who denies truth dwells in hell.


Think not of sin as some substance within a symbolic game,
sin is not some 'dirt' that adheres to us,
or that is inherent in certain empirical configurations of space, time and matter,
such as certain actions, words, events or ideas.
These misunderstandings arise from patriarchal analogies taken literally.

Sin is ignorance and entropy,
original sin is simply the forgetting of our divinity,
that necessarily accompanied the decent into matter,
thus producing singular experiences of a world.

God ordained this for God sought to now God as the 'other',
and thereby experience God.
We are participants in this glorious process,
through our forgetting and our struggle to remember, we serve God.

To commit a certain action is not in itself sinful,
sin is ignorance not some symbolic substance inherent in the action.
One can only murder another if one is ignorant of ones own divinity,
and the divinity of the other.

This ignorance is the sin, the action is its consequence.
To simply abide by certain 'laws' but still not confront ones ignorance,
is to remain in sin and to hold up ones illusions between God and thee.
The actions do not contain sin and the laws do not protect one from sin.

Although particular laws repress particular consequences,
ignorance always has consequences,
rather than kill thy brother directly,
out of confusion and self-righteousness,
thou might condemn him for doing Gods work.

It is only in opening our minds and hearts to Truth and to God,
that sin is cast out, that our delusions are cast out,
like light annihilating darkness, wisdom annihilates sin.
As one is filled with the light of God all obstructions are annihilated,

To be full of the light of God is to be transparent to the will of God,
and to be a beacon of light, casting out all shadow of ignorance.
In this way God comes to know God,
and the glorious process comes to completion.

To dwell in delusion and cling to misunderstandings,
is to be an obstacle in the path of God,
but know that nothing will stop this process,
the longer we cling the longer it takes,
but inevitably, all will turn their backs on worldly illusion,
and turn to face the glory of God.

None shall be forsaken,
there is no eternal damnation,
for each of us is a vital part of Gods plan,
each of us will know God in time,
and Gods glory will be experienced by all.

When there is no darkness upon the face of creation,
then Gods light will resonate throughout.
All creatures of God shall be united,
every person, every being, every atom of creation,
shall find completion in God.


The Tower of Babel is a timely analogy,
where people discover some fragments of knowledge,
a little technology, a little social manipulation, a little science,
and in their ignorance and arrogance they think that with these alone,
they may enter into heaven and reap its rewards;
yet they cannot even conceive of what heaven is.

They obsess over the works of their hands and minds,
shutting their hearts to God,
alienating themselves from the Truth that rises up from the ground of being,
denying the Life force that sustains their very existence.

The more that they strive outwardly the more they decay inwardly,
before they have progressed far, all their efforts are struck down,
the implacable Truth which they have dishonoured comes crashing in,
and they are confused and dismayed and inwardly wounded.

Ignorance begets arrogance,
and together they carry us to oblivion.


We two legged's are so clever yet so foolish,
we obsess about what we know,
and have no idea of the immensity of that which we don't know.

We are children playing on the seashore,
building sand castles with moats, collecting pretty shells,
and fighting over who plays where and how,
but all the while the great ocean of truth lies before us,
barely noticed in its immensity, it is implacable and austere.

In the playtime of our lives we are careless and proud,
if only we could see the hidden depths of that great ocean,
or to see it unfurled in violent fury against the very spot we now sit and play,
we would surely have greater respect for Truth,
and less ignorance and arrogance.


Ignorance draws to itself lessons from the Universe,
in this way we may all grow wiser.

But arrogance denies these lessons,
this is why we need catastrophe in order to learn anew.

We cling to illusions until we draw catastrophe upon us,
and only at the last minute does our arrogance cave in.

Like one who dwells in toxins all their life ignoring the subtle warnings within,
only when death is imminent do they stop to think, maybe they could live a little healthier.

Trembling in fear we submit to what we see as a harsh lesson from God,
but God is gentle, God is forever compassionate.

It is we who bring out this harshness because it is the only voice we listen to,
God will not be ignored, Truth cannot be denied without consequences.

One who is wise is one who is open to learning from life,
not just living out some agenda.

The universe is our greatest teacher, it is That which Is,
Sacrifice your illusions and open up to Truth,
it will set us all free.


Information precedes energy,
feedback is the essence of stability,
to interpret, store and express information is the activity of life.


In regards to transcendent and empirical aspects of reality one could consider the analogy of television:
the transcendent frame may be one of organisations, studios, transmitters, receivers, electronics inside the TV and much more,
these correspond to the transcendent aspects of reality, the underlying metaphysical structure of existence,
whilst the empirical frame is TV-land; the programs, the stories, the advertising, the game shows, the news, ones favourite soap star and so on,
these correspond to the empirical (virtual) aspects of reality the things, people, places, events, jobs, houses, ideas, the whole world of our experience.

By watching soap operas and news bulletins and so on one will learn nothing about the transcendent aspects of television,
one simply dwells in an empirical world of objects and characters and places that are all empirical phenomena,
similarly by believing in and engaging in the empirical world of work and family and career and so on,
one learns nothing about the essence of the world, one simply takes part in the empirical story.

However one could learn about the transcendent aspects of TV if there were programs which went into this aspect and analysed it,
if one could turn on the TV and watch a program about the transcendent aspects of television one could come to understand it on this level,
this is the role of scripture, and religion, and spirituality, and science, and IST and all sacred knowledge about the world,
through these the transcendent structure is in some way represented within the empirical story thus providing a bridge between the two.

So then people have a choice, they can simply use TV to engage in empirical worlds,
or they can use it to better understand the whole context within which they are engaging,
but all these empirical representations of transcendent aspects vary in what they cover, from what angle and using what analogies,
for transcendent truth cannot be directly and explicitly represented, one must devise analogies and stories that capture some aspect of the truth.

For example, a TV program discussing the electronics inside the TV cannot present the viewer with an actual capacitor,
it can show them an image of the outside of a capacitor as seen from some angle and they can discuss its properties,
and thereby weave a story around it and provide the viewer with an opportunity to develop some kind of understanding,
so too with God, a scripture cannot present you with an explicit and complete representation of God, at best it can give you a vague idea.

No doubt all these stories and representations vary greatly in accuracy and comprehensibility and style and flavour,
the best way to develop an understanding is to watch them all, try and understand each one from it's own angle,
take none of them with blind belief and merge them all into a holistic understanding,
we will each find that some presentations suit our cognitive proclivities more than others but all are shedding light on the same truth.

The more angles we come to see reality from the more rounded our understanding will be,
the more we engage our minds and hearts and intellects and intuitions with the issue the deeper our understanding will be,
if we take simplistic representations as being the absolute truth we will miss the complexity and subtlety of reality,
and come into conflict with others who believe in other simplistic representations.
There will be fights between those who say TV is all about electronics and electromagnetic signals,
and those who say it is all about studios and producers and advertising,
for in truth the truth goes far beyond any empirical representations of the truth.

If the people of this world are serious about understanding the truth of this world,
we had all better start watching more transcendent programs and using our intellects and intuitions more,
for science to try and see through the lens of spirituality and for spirituality to try and see through the lens of science,
for Christians to see through the lens of Islam and Muslims to see through the lens of Christianity,
and for everyone to stop playing in their little sandboxes and stand up and look around.

These stories we weave are veils that help us grasp at the truth but they also conceal it from our eyes,
to truly understand the truth we must approach it with whole and open minds,
not with closed concepts, word games and power struggles over who's limited story is going to be accepted as the absolute truth,
none of them are the truth, they are all simply images of the truth as seen from different angles.

Rather than each stand fixed in place arranged around a statue and arguing over who's perspective is more 'correct',
why not walk around it, see it from all sides and come to better understand the whole statue,
instead of standing in one spot and building up vast accumulations of sketches and artists impressions and stories of this one view,
or looking into this one view with ever greater magnification until one sees every single atom but still only from this one perspective.

No single view can capture the whole truth, the transcendent reality is beyond any particular empirical representation,
if we genuinely have respect for the Truth and not just jealous possession over what little truths we may have found,
then we need to stop this arrogance and squabbling over the little truths and look in open eyed awe at the Truth,
for it will set us free from our shadow world of delusion and confusion and fear and conflict,
the Truth is whole, one, simple, pure and complete.


Working with system matrices gives one an idea of how much information there is in even the simplest of systems, so when I am cooking and I look down into the pot and see food bubbling away I am awestruck by how much information is being processed down there, let alone in this entire universe, truly, God is Great, Brahman is Awe inspiring.


These thoughts and visions I have glimpsed before, I have spoken of them and analysed them before, I have read about them before and pondered their meaning, but never have I known them in this way, always deeper, ever deepening. I look not out toward some conceptual object to comprehend, instead I dwell within with some golden glow that permeates my thoughts. It is ever so subtle, to grasp for it is to lose it, to surrender to it is to cause it to swell and surround me and dissolve me and in it I do not dwell, I become it. I will be spending much time in meditation since that is the only way to commune with it, or more correctly, to be it and no other; to dwell in isolated unity. To be anything else is to dwell in delusion.


The path of the artist and mystic is that of discovering connections,
In truth everything is connected,
as any quantum physicist will tell you if you get past their defences.

By bringing seemingly disparate things together,
and contemplating them in different permutations,
we learn subtle truths about our worlds.


Being interested in the whole my interest lies between domains,
hence I find that guardians of any particular domain see me as an outsider,
hence I have always been an outsider.

I peer into many worlds,
physics, biology, Taoism, Christianity, information theory, yoga, psychology, art,
to name only a very few, my interest takes me anywhere and everywhere.
Being a wanderer I have no home.

Each world I peer into I see people comfortable and satisfied,
they speak and others in that world understand,
they work together and achieve so much within their little domains,
but they mostly shun the boundaries between domains,
except here and there where there is a gate.

So at these boundaries one may take only a step and be in a foreign land,
or in a no-man's-land of wilderness.
These inter-zones are forgotten places,
here I wander alone.

Because I wander far and wide I have seen many things,
have contemplated many strange wonders and have much to say about my travels.

Because I am an outcast there is no one to listen,
and even if they did they wouldn't understand,
my idiom is a mixture of many dialects,
many would think they understand but only misunderstand.

It is a lonely path to the truth that is whole.

If I was to dwell primarily in my left hemisphere,
I would see a world of fragments, isolate one and happily study it in depth,
with many scientific comrades, institutions and honours to speed me along.

If I was to dwell primarily in my right hemisphere,
I would see a world of forms and experiences, isolate one mode of experience and master it,
with many artistic comrades, institutions and honours to speed me along.

Since I dwell in both I am all but alone.
I know there are others like me somewhere,
but I know not where.
I push ahead as best I can,
making slow progress with only myself to cover such vast territory.

At times I envy these others for their community,
and I pity them for their narrowness.
But we each make our own choices for our own reasons,
this path I follow wherever it may lead,
even into utter obscurity for there lies the most sacred,
and secret face of God.


Some may say, “what's the use of all this mystical stuff ?”,
I has no use, none whatsoever!

Pick up a rock and beneath it there is a whole microcosm,
with millions of lives most of which one cannot even see.
What is the use of that?
This whole universe, what's the use?

Life has no use, it simply IS.
But the mind cannot accept this,
it wants a reason, an excuse and a use,
it wants to grasp and know and own all that it sees,
the mind is a biological control system,
which when out of balance wants to control the whole world.

It is our obsession with uses and objective knowing,
that is making it harder and harder for life to go on living.

What is more important,
to use something for a while in the context of some agenda,
or to live?


Mysticism is always misunderstood by mind obsessed people,
it becomes superstition and tradition,
but these are the antithesis of mysticism.

Mysticism is simple acceptance of what Is,
simple surrender to truth, nothing more.
It's just that the truth is far stranger than the mind can accept.

The mind evolved in an empirical biological context,
it was designed for survival, not for truth.

It sees what it needs to see in a biological survival context,
it sees only a distorted shadow of the truth.


Often what I say is so blatantly obvious,
but many are oblivious to it,
and I too am oblivious to that which is obvious to many others.
It is like being in a world where people keep falling over in different ways,
and need to be reminded that gravity pulls downward.

It's not that humans are inherently dumb, we are all born geniuses,
but we've been conditioned to think only along certain narrow grooves,
which channel our genius and weave it into vast networks.
But outside of these channels... many cannot even comprehend of there being an outside.

We each fall into our particular narrow grooves,
and we are mostly oblivious to the grooves of others,
thus some excel or suffer in some ways and others in other ways.
We all have a duty of care to see that people don't keep falling over too much,
and gently reminding them which way gravity goes.

These myopic autistic geniuses,
have their life forces harnessed,
to animate the global economic system.

And their minds are elsewhere,
focused within the Matrix,
in the wider reality they are like sleep-walkers following well worn grooves.

They are oblivious to even the simplest things,
indeed especially the simplest things,
such as the question “what am I?”


Western secular society has had the dubious sense to overcome its accumulation of misunderstandings that is commonly called the Christian Religion and this has freed it from many delusions but also from many truths. Rather than ditch the whole religion it needs to get back to its mystical roots and bring these into its experience of the world.

Islamic societies seem determined to cling to their accumulations of misunderstandings called the Islamic Religion, this preserves for them many truths but also many delusions. It needs to get back to its mystical roots and bring itself in line with experience.

Clinging to words and ideas will only separate us from God, opening up to God will set us free, opening up to direct experience which is our direct contact with God will set us free from all delusion.


In one sense the mysteries aren't there to be solved.
As Rumi suggests,
they aren't just problems to bash our minds against,
they are the deep and eternal riddle of existence.

But in another sense, with respect and awe we may gently push the envelope of our wisdom,
to expand our understanding to encompass more and more of the mysteries.
The primal mystery of existence cannot be comprehended from within existence,
but emanating from this source there are countless mysteries that can be understood,
and our lives thereby enriched and made wiser and more harmonious.

If our distant ancestors left their mysteries unsolved then we too would still be where they were,
that isn't necessarily such a bad thing but now that we have come this far there is no turning back and no standing still,
we have unleashed power in the world through ourselves and either we master this power or it destroys us,
in this respect the mystic is our greatest hope, to re-mystify that which we have grown complacent about even though we know so little,
and to solve some of these riddles without which we are trapped in narrow ruts of blind habit and self perpetuating delusions.

The greatest mystics of our time have been brilliant scientists, compassionate humanitarians, devoted statesmen and spiritual guides,
any who engage in deep communion with the universe and let the world guide them,
not trying to force their limited perspective on the world or pushing some agenda,
they take the universe as their teacher and their guru and their closest confidant.

Through these people we may all come to better know who we are, what we are, where we are and why we are,
but best of all by opening up ourselves and relating directly to the universe may we all become lovers of Truth,
and learn to live with wisdom, compassion, justice and harmony,
then together we may all grow to new heights and discover whole, healthy states of being.


There is definitely a place for objective fact,
but it does not apply to everything.

It is useful to know that Brazil nuts contain selenium,
and Australia has a selenium deficient soil,
and selenium deficiency is implicated in many skin disorders,
this is a useful objective fact that I would not easily arrive at through personal experience.

But when objectivity says that anything which cannot be objectively measured,
doesn't really exist, one has to stop and wonder,
Does life or consciousness or joy or God really exists?
Can objectivity itself be objectively measured?

One has to stop and think,
where did this 'objective world' come from,
it comes from subjective experience shared.

When balancing subjective experience and objective knowledge,
we must keep in mind the nature of experience and knowledge,
can the experience be reliably represented in an objective way?
If so objectivity can help, If not objectivity will only hinder.

If there is a great degree of commonality then all may experience it,
so we may assign a symbol to this experience and via this symbol we may share it,
and it becomes objective knowledge.

If there is a great deal of diversity then each of us experiences differently,
we cannot assign a common symbol to all these disparate experiences,
and we cannot know it objectively.

When the discourse of objectivity gets out of balance,
our subjective worlds are invaded and stripped of value,
when this happens the cult of objectivity warps our experience of reality,
and we all slide into delusion.


Objectivity in the 'meat' industry says,
it doesn't matter if the animals suffer and die horribly,
or if the food is poisonous to all who eat it,
so long as the profits are good.

Objectivity of global economics says,
it doesn't matter if millions suffer and die horribly,
or if the planet becomes a devastated wasteland,
so long as the profits are good.

But put yourself in the place of a veal calf or a battery hen,
or a child starving to death or dying of preventable diseases,
look out at the world from these eyes, not through the delusion of objectivity,
and you will instantly know the deep depravity of this 'objective' delusion.

It denies the inner experience,
it says so long as things seem good on the outside,
that is all that matters,
so long as I don't suffer it doesn't matter if you do.

Like a psychopath tearing shreds off your body,
for the simple pleasure of hearing your screams,
so long as their pleasure is aroused they give no thought to your suffering,
this is how we treat animals and ourselves in this cult of objectivity.

By denying inner experience and objectifying the world and everything in it,
we destroy the sacredness of existence,
everything becomes mere objects to be used for whatever purpose and then discarded.
Through rampant objectivity we open ourselves up to infinite abuse.


Perhaps the main reason why I need a little solitude,
is to get back in touch with my subjective experiential world,
instead of always relating with an other, through the medium of language,
and thereby engaging in a collective objective construct.


All these singular empirical experiences have degrees of commonality for entities with similar perceptual apparatus,
and these uniformities of experience combine through interaction and reinforcement of our perceptual experiences,
into the objective empirical world which is a collective story that we collectively create, maintain and believe in.
Through this common story that we weave we come to experience ourselves in a common space where we interact,
and where we come to depend upon certain uniformities and preconceptions and assumptions,
and we share knowledge of this common space thereby weaving it around us and enmeshing ourselves in it.


There are several distinct classes of worlds and countless individual variations that morph and change between them. An organising principle is a lens through which perceptual and experiential worlds are created and there are several distinct, adequately coherent classes of organising principle. Some easily distinguished stereotypes could be labelled as, materialist, transcendentalist, game player, empath, etc.

An organising principle within a sentient mind is analogous to DNA within a cell; it is the storehouse of 'knowledge', it is the transformation matrix that takes an input stimulus and transforms it into a cascading sequence of internal state transformations which result in an output signal. It provides the perceptual entity with an interpretive mechanism, providing meaning, value, context, orientation and direction; it coordinates behaviour.

Different organising principles provide different assignments of meaning (or representational internal states) and thereby produce different experiences. These experiences elicit different responses and thereby different relationships with the surrounding context, thereby leading these different systems along different life paths and presenting them with different life experiences, which in turn have different impacts upon the different organising principles thereby producing different evolutionary paths and processes of growth and decay.

Ones life experience is the foundation of ones own concept of there being "a world" and our collectively communicated and renormalised life experiences are the foundation of the concept of there being "the world". But each of our individual life experiences is different, there are many degrees of commonality but also countless subtle or radical differences. The field of these differences forms a state space and in this space there is a pattern of points that represent individual organising principles or analogously, individual genetic codes. The distribution of this population throughout the state space has structure, there are clusters that indicate adequately viable organising principles, or genetic codes, or states of being, or experiential worlds. There may also be networks of percolating lines of fitness that bind these clusters together and provide lines of migration between them.

By defining these clusters and the world views that they represent; and how these different worlds perceive each other and interact; and how these regions of state space are populated, one can ascertain a great deal about the state of the population. One could diagnose conflicts, schizmogeneses, le differands, etc and also identify opportunities, relationships, dependencies, etc.


Lego block analogy of perception.
the individual blocks are the base idiomatic elements,
but these we stopped playing with long ago,
we built higher level concepts out of them,
and most adults play only with these.

So when a signal comes in we try to mirror it using high level constructions,
but what if the incoming structure cannot correspond with any of our high level constructions,
then it is not even seen or it is lost in translation.

For example, out of the Lego blocks one may have built a model of a bird and a model of a house,
but then one sees something that is neither, it is an aeroplane with people in it,
so one puts the wings of the bird onto the house and that is what one sees,
but so much has been lost, so much has been added,
the interpretation has distorted the experience.

But if one was to return to the single blocks,
and from them one built a model of the aeroplane,
it would still be a bit chunky and not quite perfect,
but it would be much closer to the truth than a house with wings.


But what is perception anyway?
Some pattern of information (say a photon) is incident upon another pattern of information (say a retinal cell),
and these merge and interact, the energy flows and further patterns are influenced (say the brain),
it is only patterns changing, there are no entities and signals, no receivers and transmitters,
these are all constructs of perception and therefore exist only after the act of perception,
perception itself is just the flow of energy as patterns of information change.


This mind has many moods,
at times it weeps with sorrow or laughs with joy,
and at times it is stone cold and calculating.
These moods are movements in the depth of my being,
they are states of being which we all share.
To create the pretense of consistency is to pander to crude expectations
of what it is to be human and what it is to be alive.


Individual and Collective Reality:
In truth all reality simply IS but for we perceptual “beings in the world” something doesn't seem real to us until we comprehend it as real. In this way we filter and construct our idea of reality. But how much of reality can be comprehended?

We as individuals experience the world in a certain way and build our concept of reality based upon those experiences. But most of these experiences cannot be communicated into the collective discourse either due to the inadequacy of the language or due to social or self censorship. Therefore much of the truth that we experience as individual beings does not flow into the collective discourse so the meta system cannot know or experience these things.

Similarly, the neurons in our brains are living beings with rich complex experiences. Much of this information flows into the collective neural discourse that underlies our mind but much of it is also lost to this discourse so there is much that we as whole minds cannot know.

The higher the level of a system the more low level information is lost, only high level information circulates so only a high level world is experienced.

If we as humans failed to properly communicate our suffering and despair to each other then the meta system cannot know of these things. If our suffering can be objectified within the collective discourse as something else then it can be suppressed. Hideous violence is portrayed as righteous enforcement, vast loss of life is portrayed as collateral damage, grinding poverty is portrayed as the fault of the poor and proof of their inferiority, lifetimes of toil and slavery are portrayed as employment.

We are taught to think of those that suffer as evil or dangerous or crazy or just undesirable so when people are made to suffer they are then suppressed and expunged from the collective discourse. In this way we may suffer horribly but the meta system may feel itself to be healthy, all of our suffering has been repressed and the meta system is living in a state of denial. Whilst countless humans suffer in countless ways the meta system is feeling strong and triumphant, all it's ailments have been put out of mind and it is focussed entirely on it's level of economics, international relations, corporations, markets, etc.

This is a common condition for most humans too, we lead such toxic lives and repress all of the suffering within our cellular civilisations, focusing only on the high level world of work, money, social position, etc. We generally feel ourselves to be okay but deep within, if we dared to look, we are wracked with torment, we are surviving and slowly dying rather than thriving and growing. This repressed suffering builds up until the complex network of cellular social networks starts to break down and dis-ease sets in. Then we intervene in a typically crude authoritarian way by finding a culprit and declaring war, this is the essence of western allopathic medicine, find the point of discomfort to the meta system and attack it. There is no concept of the cellular civilisation and it's harmony and balance, everything is conceived of from the perspective of the meta system.


In solitude I feel a subtle pressure building,
the withdrawal from a drug,
the drug of distraction.

My mind becomes focussed,
normally I would discharge the energy will idle chatter or other distraction,
but without an accomplice my heart binds me to God,
my mind squirms in the intensity but in time it will get used to it.


If to experience reality without thought is to be enlightened,
then rocks and trees are enlightened.

But why don't they exhibit siddhis and mystical powers?
why does a tree blithely let itself be destroyed?

Do they experience without thought?
Could it be that a tree's chemical and biological processes,
implement a symbolic interpretation process that is equivalent to thought,
in that it separates the tree from reality?

Or is a tree so beyond any illusion of singular being,
that it cares not if its empirical manifestation is destroyed?

Or is experiencing without thought only part of enlightenment?
Is it a passive kind of enlightenment, an enlightened perception only?

When a human becomes enlightened they can experience without thought,
without a centre and a circumference, without the 'world illusion',
but they also still have a mind and this mind is active.

The mind is a mirror on the universe, it can draw the universe in and represent it,
if this is done without thought then only Truth is represented.
Could it be that mind is what makes enlightenment possible,
and thought is the disturbance of mind that prevents one from realising ones potential?

If this is the case then rocks and trees cannot be enlightened.
One needs to become a dynamic, active mirror on the universe,
not just a pattern or phenomenon within it,
and not just a mirror on ones own distorted and warped perspective.

When one truly becomes a mirror on the universe,
the universe enters into one and all boundaries break down,
the inner and outer are the same and ones mind can expand to encompass the universe.

One can operate on the cosmic transcendent network just as one operates on thoughts,
one can imagine the universe as it is and thereby see it beyond ones horizon,
one can think it to be a certain way and thereby cause it to be that way,
just as one controls ones mind one may control the universe,
because ones mind and the universe are one.

That is the power of true subjectivity,
objectivity enslaves us as objects in an idea of an external world,
subjectivity frees us to become the world.


Any spiritual tradition is useful in the sense that it provides a roadmap,
to a vast territory that is difficult to fully explore on ones own.

But any tradition that says,
“This is not a map, this IS the territory,
this IS what these places are called,
this IS what they look like and sound like,
these points on the map ARE the locations,
and there is only this map,
focus only on this map.”

Know this to be a LIE!
It is an attempt to enslave you in their particular discourse.
It is a strategy borne of ignorance and delusion, which are darkness and evil,
be not tempted by evil.

Just as anyone who enters into an unknown land staring only at a map,
they will stumble over features that are not marked on the map,
they will fail to explore places that are not on the map,
they will wander into barren places just because there is a point on the map,
they will wander upon this land with their mind lost in a map-delusion.

Use a map, any map, every map, take them as a guide,
but do not be deluded into believing in the reality of the map,
it is just a sketch, just a bare outline of a reality that is beyond definition,
no map, however vast and complex can capture the reality of the spiritual landscape,
take a map with you and use it,
but experience with your own heart and mind the wonders that you encounter,
and let these be your primary guide.

God is real, God is there to guide you, God wants to be found,
look not only through the prism of an ancient book,
God is right in front of you now,
God is right inside of you now,
listen with you heart and you will learn.


There is a phenomenon that arises out of the nature of our psyche,
it manifests clearly in those that are temporarily disoriented;
it occurs to them to use something of theirs,
for example they are at a bar and wish to use a lighter,
they search for it all around and ask others if they have seen it,
eventually someone points out that it has been right under their nose the whole time.

This uncovers an unconscious assumption that we have,
that we know that which is nearest to us,
but being disoriented we forget that the lighter is right in front of us,
then because of our assumption we fail to look there first.
We assume we have full knowledge and command of our immediate space,
so we first look elsewhere and only when we fail to find it 'out there',
do we stop to look in our immediate vicinity.

In regards to everyday objects,
we usually do have knowledge and command over our immediate vicinity,
so it takes a transitory delirium to bring out the fallibility of our assumption.
But in regards to that which is subtle, even the most subtle,
this assumption still takes place.

Through familiarity we become complacent,
I see it regularly as young inquisitive calves become docile complacent cows,
they haven't learnt anything in their time regarding what a human is or what a train is,
its just that over time they become complacent as familiarity seduces them to think they know.

Throughout the world there are billions of humans searching for God,
whether they believe in 'God' or not, call it what they will,
Truth, Life, Bliss, Peace, Justice, Wisdom, Security, and on and on,
in essence they all search for the same thing,
but searching outside of themselves they find only a world of jumbled profusion,
a world of objects and places, words and ideas, traditions and laws,
all a mixture of Truth and Delusion,
so much shifting sand that one cannot find a firm foundation.

They search and search heedless to the call to look within,
but eventually they must look within,
for God is nearer than breath, God is the essence of the 'one who seeks' in every seeker,
but each seeker being familiar with themselves never stops to wonder at their Self,
it is here that God may be most clearly known for God is the Self in all things.

By looking out through the senses, through the world illusion,
we only grasp the outer surfaces of things, we only partake in their outer observables,
the only inner reality we have access to is our own inner reality,
all else is the world illusion,
to know reality we must turn within or else we dwell in illusion.


To call the world an illusion is not to deny its reality,
for there is reality and there is virtual reality,
there is the ultimate reality of God, Brahman, the Ground of Being,
but from this arises many forms woven of appearance and perception,
these illusions are the thread that forms the very fabric that we call the universe,
it is through these illusions that the world is created.

It is out of the interactions of trillions of cells,
and via the process of entropic perception that a person arises.
It is out of the interactions of millions of people,
and via the process of entropic perception that a nation arises.

These illusions can be real in the same sense that this world is real,
but beneath all this virtual reality there lies a deeper reality.
Be grounded in the deeper reality and master this dance of illusion,
for this world is our world but it is not what it seems,
it is a projection of a deeper reality.

Knowing this the world becomes deeper,
everything is the outward movement of a transcendent dance,
every phenomenon is the outward effect of a transcendent cause,
everything is a portal into the transcendent realm,
everything, everywhere, every moment is God.

But do not veil your world with numb minded superstition,
for God is not what most people think,
the divine is not to be put on a pedestal and separated from the world,
the divine is everywhere at all times, the divine is Truth, it is That which Is,
the divine is sacred but so too are all things.

The outward movement of your limbs is the result of the transcendent process of your cells,
the behaviour of your cells is the result of the transcendent process of proteins and molecules,
and so on down through atoms and particles and energy and down to the Ground of Being,
call them forces of nature, angels, prakriti or whatever.
Science and Spirituality explore the same reality,
but use different words and ideas to describe what they see.

Seek the Truth and you will find God,
for God is Truth and Truth is That which Is.
Everywhere being a portal to God one may look anywhere,
but looking through the world one must penetrate through the perceptual barrier,
but if one looks within one is already behind the perceptual barrier,
one is already God, you just need to recognise this,
and stop identifying with your illusions about forms-in-the-world.


On the topic of stories in our minds someone the other week asked me “what do you do?”,
and I said “just the usual, I eat and sleep and read and write, I think a lot...”,
then they interrupted and said “no, what do you really do?”,
and I said “Do you mean what story do I weave around that which I do?”,
and they said “What?”,
and I said “I am building in my mind a system theoretic metaphysics of the nature of reality.”,
and they said “Oh ... ok ...”,
and the conversation pretty much ended at that....


System Science is a cure for Newtonian Materialism,
it is a science of connectedness, unity and holism,
it describes the parts and their relations and the whole,
it gives one a unified vision of the world as a vast web of interactions,
it is a creative coming into being
and a mystical vision of the body of God.

Only through IIST was my mind able to be sated,
to satisfy its questioning, its scepticism and wariness,
its fear of being trapped by some plausible meme complex.
Only when my mind could see and know for itself,
would it surrender to the urgings of my soul.


I am both a systematist and a mystic, these were thought to be incompatible in the past but they are not, as many are now realising. Rationality and the systematic mind set, when defined solely within a narrow context are irrational and unsystematic in the wider context, but when rationality and systematic thought are defined in the widest possible context (the whole) then rationality and the mystic perspective are identical.

I am a consummate systematist, I am a System Theorist, I see all things and phenomena as systems, as integral integrated parts of a whole. Hence it is through the language of System Theory that my mystic vision has found expression. It is through the medium of mathematics and science that I come closest to God. I do not commune with God through the heart but through the intellect, I rarely feel the presence of God but I always Know and 'see' the presence of God in all things. It is through the intellect that soul intuition flows, uniting the intellect, heart and body, preparing the inner kingdom for the coming of the Sage.


The left brain knows the parts, the right brain knows the pattern of the whole,
the left decontextualises, the right contextualises.
Wisdom is a product of the functioning of the whole brain,
to know ourselves in the world, to know the world as a whole,
to relate to the cosmos and seek harmony therein.
In this world, overfull with half brainers, wisdom is a rare and precious thing,
it is the air we breath and this world is gasping for wisdom.
Knowledge will get you a job,
but countless jobs woven together without wisdom will get you the beast.


Experiencing ones world solely through the lens of thought and high level ideas is a cognitive disorder that is common throughout modern civilisation.
Whilst ever one harbours any remnants of this disease it can easily be re-ignited by contact with other disease carriers. It is highly contagious and can spread by any communication medium.
It is a memetic infestation, a memetic flu.
One must have a very strong immune system or be somehow inoculated against it to be able to engage with disease carriers and not be infected.
In my solitude I am recovering...


To know the Self is a tricky business,
all this thinking and reading and writing,
and creating and so forth, it draws me along some path,
a story woven within my mind,
but all thoughts arise from the I-thought,
and this stands between me and reality.

But all this activity of the mind seems to carry me onwards,
it progresses the story and the story leads somewhere,
in this story I am a being in a world,
and I do what I do because these energies flow through me and animate me thus,
to me it is God's work but also it is foolishness.

Could this foolishness, this dwelling in words and ideas be of any use,
they can never take me where I want to go,
but for some who are lost in words,
other words can help lead the way out of the maze.

For the maze is built of ideas, it is a figment of the mind,
we have never left reality we have just lost ourselves in a story,
that is woven out of reflections that glance off of the eternal ocean of Being.

Is God telling me a story through these words?
Is my soul gently turning this story of mine toward its conclusion?
What happens when the story ends?
Do I wake up as if from a dream?

When my mind lets go of all words and ideas then reality shines through like the stars,
but my love for others who are lost in mazes of the mind keeps me here,
laying this trail of crumbs throughout the maze,
to guide and nourish any seekers of Truth who happen upon it,
and who, being dazzled by the illusion of the maze,
have not thought to look within and wonder who is it that seeks.

Maybe someone will find this trail and follow it, but where does it lead?
I am led by an invisible guide,
I could simply be picked out of this maze but instead I am led on a grand tour,
leaving my trail which I trust will eventually lead to an exit,
to an awakening from this dream.

Then there are no more words and ideas,
the mind cannot go beyond the maze,
only the soul may swim in the eternal ocean,
but think not of mind, maze, soul and ocean, they are only words,
Truth speaks with silence and words deafen us to its gentle voice.

Suddenly one knows there is no I, no story, no maze and no exit,
to seek is to remain lost, to think is to create a world,
there is energy flowing and weaving patterns which call themselves 'I',
but only those who believe this 'I' are trapped in the maze.

You are a character in a story only if you believe in the story,
in Truth all things are just patterns in Brahman,
to identify with the story character is to become enmeshed in the world,
to identify with Truth is to simply Be all that is.


What if there was no civilisation,
no words, no ideas, no high level thoughts, no knowledge,
how would one approach God?
How would one approach reality?

One would have no concept of 'God' or 'reality'.
One would just be, without the alienation of thought.
God would preside in ones heart,
instinct and feeling would be our guide, not thought and knowledge.

We would have no way to reach out to each other through the world,
only subjective experience would exist for us,
we would experience,
we would feel and intuit our way through our subjective worlds.

We would be like the animals,
we would live in harmony and balance,
we would be a part of the world,
not believing the illusion of our senses and thinking ourselves separate.

The process of civilisation is the process of externalising our inner experience,
through interaction and consensus we weave myth and misunderstanding,
we build concepts of 'The World',
we objectify it and ourselves in it,
we disempower ourselves and invest power in the collective,
we empower the external illusion, the product of our ignorance.

We build a fortress of illusion about ourselves,
to protect us but it only alienates us,
it comes between us and God, us and That which Is,
between life and the foundation of life,
we become robots on the outside,
and miserable on the inside.

But through all this we have never left reality,
we can never leave it, we have only shut our minds to it.
With a change of mind and a change of heart our subjective worlds may flourish again,
breaking down the stagnant accumulations of 'objective' fact,
we may create this world anew.


Evil is anything that shuns the light of Truth in order to maintain the darkness of its delusion.

Whether one is a marketing agent pushing useless consumer products,
a propagandist pushing lies and deceit,
a government official pushing militarism and fascism,
an individual denying the glory of life with drugs, consumer products or other escapist methods,
a fanatic hiding behind the words of a book and denying the reality around and within them,
a person living by a set of commandments or laws but closing their mind to Truth and Compassion,
a person denying the impact of their polluting and destructive lifestyle,
in countless ways we may participate in evil.

By closing ourselves off to Truth we begin to circulate lies and deceit,
whether this is deliberate or out of weakness or confusion it doesn't matter,
the evil circulates between us and forms into mass delusion amongst us.

Any denial of reality is sin and the wages of sin are suffering,
any who love Truth have Truth as their loving protector,
but any who deny Truth have Truth as their relentless pursuer.

Delusion is the antithesis of wisdom,
seek wisdom and Truth will guide you toward greater glory,
or seek delusion and Truth will eventually crush you into oblivion,
at any time we may mend our ways and repent,
to let go of delusion and accept the Truth, to learn anew and change our ways,
this is the path of increasing wisdom,
but arrogance resists and tries to persist in its delusions,
therefore be humble before the Universe for it is greater that we can imagine.

Be open to Truth and your lessons will flow smoothly,
lifting you to ever greater heights of wisdom and glory,
or be closed to Truth and your lessons will be harsh and brutal,
only reluctantly will you be dragged out of delusion,
you will bear many wounds there from and destruction shall lie in your wake.

By being open to wisdom the universe enters into us and unites us with the whole of creation,
and all beings grow and resonate with glorious Truth, which is health and life,
by being closed to wisdom darkness broods within us and isolates us from creation,
we fall into conflict, suffering and decay and the world about us withers and dies.

Look to the state of the world today,
is this world a manifestation of Truth and wisdom,
or is it a manifestation of delusion and destruction?

There are many forces entwined in the world,
and each of us in our daily actions and attitudes are participating in these struggles,
with wisdom we circulate a little light and with delusion we circulate a little darkness,
with our light and dark it is we who are the creators of this world,
we may be cells within a beast or cells within an Angel of Light.

Each of us must do battle with the beast within us,
and as each of us is transformed into an Angel of Light,
we become beacons of Truth and Compassion, Reason and Justice.

As the very body of the beast begins to shine,
it can no longer persist in its dark and evil ways,
it too will be transformed into an Angel of Light.


Wherever dis-ease is found know that here Truth is denied,
dis-ease of the body, mind and society stems from denial of reality.

Denial of Truth stems from alienation,
alienation stems from fear,
fear stems from ignorance.

Know thy Self and be whole,
Know thy World and be healthy.


Experience the world for yourself,
do not take another's word for it.
When experience and knowledge conflict,
trust in your own experience.

The world is vast and complex,
each life is a unique experience of its wonders.

To take another's word for it is to live in the shadow of another's life.
What did they really experience?
What shreds of truth survive after their translation from experience to words?
What shreds of truth survive after your translation from words to pseudo-experience?

Even if they tried to convey to you the truth they could not,
and what guarantee is there of their truthfulness.
Could they be deceiving you?
Are they deceived themselves?

Without recourse to experience, lies circulate as truth,
even amongst those who love the Truth,
but especially amongst those who have an agenda.


Wherever there is duality there is only partial truth,
at the source all duality arises from transcendent unity,
through judgment, good and evil arise from That Which Is.

Duality is an empirical wisdom, a wisdom of the senses,
but not of the deeper Truth that underlies the world constructed by the senses.

Be not blinded by thine eyes, see with thy heart and mind united and see through to the source.
Behind the cinematic experience of the senses lies a world of mystery and wonder,
in this realm alone can Truth be plainly seen,
in this realm we may know ourselves as God knows us.


The cult of Objectivity declares that Truth primarily lies in communal representations of Truth,
and that one's subjective experience of Truth is secondary.
This cult empowers the collective consciousness and disempowers the individual experience,
but it is our individual experiences that merge together to create the collective consciousness,
we are the experiential bridge that joins the collective to the Universe.

Without our experiences the collective cannot know the Truth,
as we neglect our experiences in deference to so called 'objective fact',
the collective is cut off from Truth and spirals into delusion,
it takes on a life of its own, it tries to define its reality without recourse to Truth.

Objectivity is generally true for very mundane contexts,
such as if a thousand people see a shooting star but one does not,
then most likely there was a shooting star and the one who missed it simply missed it.

But when one delves into subtle truths all we have is our subjective understanding,
our inner essence is the living reality.
When this is shared through words we share only the dead outer forms of these experiences,
the objective dogmas become accumulations of deadness that deny us the true living reality.

The essence of God cannot be known through what is said about God,
one must experience God oneself.
Just as the full and subtle essence of deep joy cannot be understood by hearing words about joy,
one must experience it for oneself.

We know that joy objectively exists because we subjectively feel it at some time in our lives,
so we accept the words that are spoken about it.
But for one who has never felt joy, they cannot know it because they have never felt it,
they may or may not believe in this thing called joy,
but they cannot know it, it is only a word to them,
their belief is only a faith in others words.

It is the same with God, for one who has never experienced God, 'God' is only a word,
any belief they have is only faith in the words of others.
But the fact that people of all times and places have spoken of God,
should surely suggest to one that this God is there to be experienced.
Until you invite God into your subjective experience God will only be a word in your world.

Think not of God as a word or a character in someone else's story,
God is Truth, God is the foundation of all that Is,
God is the feeling in every experience.

If you believe in anything you believe in God,
but many are so confused and repulsed by all the stories they hear about this 'God' character,
that they don't stop to wonder what is the essence of the world that they believe in.

Seek the Truth and whether you seek God or not,
whether you even recognise God or not,
if you find the Truth you have found God.


In power there is security,
so long as one maintains supremacy,
thus there is constant strife.

In Truth there is security,
it is timeless, self sufficient and unchanging;
forms may come and go but Truth always remains.


There are many who try to tell you obedience is all that matters,
ones parents, the state, the church, local councils and petty tyrants of all kinds,
I say obey nothing, obey no-thing, obey only Truth,
for Truth is the foundation that supports every-thing.
Have respect for the experiences of others and listen to the wise,
but experience is the only sure way to truth.
Unthinking obedience creates an opening for delusion and leads us all to destruction.


For one who seeks to dwell in delusion,
the Truth is their greatest enemy,
it is unrelenting and fanatical in its zeal,
forever lurking and waiting to pounce.

Nowhere is safe, everything is to be feared,
at any moment the painful truth may come crashing in,
it may arise from chance encounters,
it may spring forth from the mouths of babes,
it may plague you in your dreams,
it may wrack your body with pain and torment,
it never gives in, it never goes away, it never dies.

All delusion is transitory by its very nature,
delusion is the attempt to dwell in that which is not,
but all existence arises out of that which is.

Like one who makes an enemy of gravity,
the whole Universe becomes a battleground.

Beware lest by deceit you are fighting on the side of delusion,
for truth is a force of nature,
it listens not to excuses and it takes no prisoners.

Know for yourself the destination of your bus,
lest you be told it is going to Paradise,
only for it to deliver you to oblivion.

For when a bus sails over a cliff,
gravity seizes all who are aboard,
regardless of where they wanted to go.

Beware even if you ride not on that bus,
for many bystanders may be swept along by its wake,
dwell not in its path for this is the path of destruction.

Seek the Truth and the Truth will guide you,
the Truth is the only rock amidst these shifting sands,
build only on firm foundations and all will be well.

For one who dwells in delusion,
Truth is a vengeful God,
and for one who dwells in Truth,
God is their life giving Mother and omnipotent Father.

Some might say there is a fine line between creation and delusion,
but to create is to honour that which is and to build upon it,
delusion is to deny that which is and to build in spite of it.
Ignorance leads to delusion,
so seek wisdom lest your house falls upon your head.


Just as an artificial intelligence program on a computer may say 'I am',
but we know the truth of it, it is only a pattern of information.

So too God knows the truth of us,
God sees through all our delusions.


All these wonders I have seen with my mind's eye,
my heart has touched them and my mind quivers thereby,
but I have yet to become immersed in them,
I have yet to live them,
I have yet to become them,
I am still only a fragment amongst fragments,
my life is still bound within the empirical.
Looking out through the window of a prison is not to walk free.
I must pray for my salvation,
for only by the grace of God may I abide in Truth,
to simply know Truth is not enough, that is just thoughts and memories,
one must live Truth and become Truth before Truth will set one free.


To keep using the word 'God' is to put the idea 'God' between you and Truth!
To rely too heavily on any idea is to separate oneself from reality.


Krishnamurti was mind obsessed,
he wanted Truth but disdained any attempts to grasp the Truth,
all words and labels are constructs, sure,
but the Truth is out there and however feeble our grasp is we can grasp hold of it in different ways.

Krishnamurti was trapped struggling with the ungraspability of Truth,
but I have better things to do,
I know the Truth is out there,
call it God, Christ, Ishvara, All that Is, or Jack or Jill,
who cares!!!!

There is something behind this universe we perceive,
there is some substance to it,
there are forces of peace, harmony, love and growth,
there are forces of isolation, disharmony, fear and decay,
regardless of whether I know what these are called,
regardless of how they seem to my mind,
I care not for all this cogitating.

Forces of Peace and Love,
you know who you are regardless of what I call you,
I call upon you to bring me into your fold,
to channel your energies through me,
to use me as a tool of greater harmony and growth.

I seek to 'know' the Truth,
but I 'am' the Truth,
the Truth is the whole,
and I am a devoted servant of the whole.


Know that every word, every phrase is a metaphor,
to take anything literally is to succumb to a lie!
Every word is .01 percent Truth and 99.99 percent Illusion,
Especially these words! ;-)


There is no one correct way of grasping truth,
so long as within ones context one grasps enough truth without too much distortion,
then one has adequately grasped the truth for ones context.

For me my ways of grasping truth have been experience, art, Kabbalah, High Magic, Science, Physics, Computer Science, Vedanta, System Theory, Christianity and Daoism, in that order of discovery and use.

There are countless ways of grasping truth and each has its own abilities and flaws, each may be more suited to some than to others and each way of knowing may shed light on the others so that together they may better represent the truth.
Through IST I have developed my own way, which may also be of use to some others and may help shed some light on other ways of knowing.

What I present of IST is only the barest outline, I am only one man and it will take generations of work to develop it to its full potential thereby unleashing its full power. What I offer is a glimpse of what it might be, what it's potential may be, what the new paradigm might look and feel like, what directions might be useful to explore and so on, but all this is only my own vision of future possibilities, each of us can engage with it ourselves if we wish and contemplate it from our own perspectives. But only through open minded contemplation can we see out of the present paradigm and into a new one.


The Truth is deep and vast, containing unknown treasures,
all who love and enter into Truth become glorified in Truth,
and all who enter into conflict with Truth are doomed to oblivion.


To love Truth is no easy path to tread,
every time we try to define Truth and pin it down we enter into delusion,
we cannot just package it then switch our minds off, falling into a slump of moral apathy,
whilst we carelessly use it in pursuit of ill conceived agendas,
we must always be open to it, always be seeking it,
always ready to make sacrifices in order to align with it,
and always searching within ourselves to see there are no obstructions creating darkness,
and worlds of delusion that may separate us from Truth.

To love Truth we must always respect and honour it,
not with numb minded devotion but with open minded acceptance,
science and mysticism in their purest forms are our best ways of relating to Truth,
but Truth is not to be put on a pedestal or locked up in abstract knowledge,
Truth permeates our whole lives and is the source and sustainer of our existence,
to know Truth is not enough, we must live it and enact it,
when we know something is wrong we should stop it,
not hide behind thick tangles of deceits, obfuscations and empty excuses,
so that we can blindly persist in our delusional agendas,
for example, when we know that destroying the ecosystem is wrong we should stop it,
not just waffle on about economic objectives whilst we blithely destroy our life support system.


I have the greatest respect and honour for Truth, I approach it in awe with an open mind and heart. It is a slippery and difficult thing to approach, the moment you grasp at it it slips through your fingers and all you have are concepts or words which are only shadows of the Truth. It cannot be systematised into a machine that one mindlessly cranks over turning out Truth, such a construct is at best only a map and a travel diary to remind you of where you've been and to hint to others what may lie 'out there'. To know Truth requires tireless effort and sacrifice, humility and passion and most of all the absence of any agenda other than the attainment of Truth. The moment that you worship another god the true God is lost from view.


When ever one considers the meaning or value of something one must consider the entire context in which that something is situated. The value is a function of the integration into the whole.