What we Seek to Achieve

This is just a preliminary overview given here to indicate the general direction in which STAR is working. As further insights are gained it will change and evolve considerably.

A 'movement' (or chaordic organisation) is a resonance of minds. Whilst the right-wing authoritarian movement has a unified understanding (naive realism, materialism, politicised-religion, Scientism, cynicism, consumerism, etc), which unites them all even though they may have no contact with each other. It causes them to work together toward a common cause, even though they may appear to be antagonistic on the surface (in this way a common understanding is like the common factors within cells that causes them to self-organise into a particular kind of organism). From heads of state to CEO's to media pundits to bloggers to trolls in web forums and so on, they all work together based on their common understanding. Without the need for any crude organisational network they self-organise into a global phenomenon that reaches into every aspect of civilisation.

This is not the case with the current non-authoritarian movements. They have been largely reactionary and piecemeal, focusing mainly on narrowly defined particular issues without actually escaping the manipulative propaganda of the authoritarian movement. This is encouraged by the authoritarian movement because it exhausts and cripples the non-authoritarian movement and causes its many participants to work against each other and ultimately end up working for the authoritarian movement.

This is because we have not formulated our own unified understanding and many are implicitly still working from the authoritarian understanding. A new understanding is arising, based on an underlying intrinsic unity amidst great outer diversity. However this needs to be grounded in clear and accurate principles, that are accessible not only after earnest spiritual practice, but that are comprehensible to the rational mind so that the understanding can be communicated throughout the modern world.

This process seeks to escape the manipulative propaganda and formulate a unified understanding, within which we can work together towards the common cause of encouraging a peaceful resolution to the crisis. It is a chance to come together to find new ways of understanding things and new paths toward effective solutions.

The Path Ahead

What is the root states that the purpose of STAR is to delve deep into the delusions within us and analyse how they manifest in the dysfunctions that oppress us. Some might think that this involves solely working at the first stage in simplified anatomy, but this is not strictly true.

Furthermore, simplified anatomy states that there are many stages and points at which influence needs to be applied for an effective solution. Some might think that this means that STAR also requires the more traditional discussions about particular cultural phenomena such as economics, politics and so on, but this too is not strictly true.

One main aspect is discussions that delve deep into the delusions within us so that we can overcome them or at least become very aware of them and not just unconsciously look through our confusion and think that our minds are clear but the world is confused. This opens up the possibility of breaking out of the closed loop of unconscious assumptions that is characteristic of the traditional discourses employed by many movements.

The other main aspect is to work towards an understanding of the flow and resonance of confusions throughout the entire complex structure of civilisation, to map it out in adequate detail and identify the points where greatest positive influence can be applied and how it can be applied to subtly transform the confusion into awareness and understanding. This aspect will definitely require discussions about particular cultural phenomena such as language, organisational structures, economics, politics and so on but NOT from the perspective of the traditional discourses.

Factual information can be obtained from domain experts regarding the various cultural phenomena and dysfunctions therein, but unless they have also clarified or mastered the confusions within their minds they could not meaningfully participate any more than that.

The primary aim is to produce an understanding and a map of the root causes of dysfunction throughout civilisation that can serve as a guide toward healing civilisation. This however would be largely incomprehensible to any who were still unconscious of the confusions within themselves, which is the majority of humanity unfortunately.

This understanding and map therefore needs to be translated into terms that are comprehensible to people at different stages of self-awareness and different conceptual frameworks. For example, someone who has meditated for decades or has deeply contemplated certain philosophical domains will be able to comprehend it relatively easily when expressed in either intuitive or philosophical terms. Whilst an 'activist' who identifies the problem solely outside of themselves will have great difficulty and will need a very different way of approaching the ideas.

All the various expressions for different levels of understanding should be compatible with the whole understanding. This is a form of ontological commitment where committing to a small part of an ontology commits one to other related parts and eventually to the whole, even if one is unaware of the whole ontology. As an example of how ontological commitment works, one needn't be an economist to be committed to capitalism, one only needs to commit to ones immediate economic agendas and one implicitly becomes committed to the whole of capitalism even though one is unaware of most of what capitalism entails.

The relevant aspects of the understanding and map also need to be translated into terms that are meaningful to people who are situated in different positions of influence. This will inform them of how they can apply positive influence and also of their nearby points of influence so that they know how to integrate with others. For example, a movement that works with dysfunctional human relations would require a certain understanding and the part of the map that is relevant to their 'neighbourhood', whilst a movement working on economic reform would require different information.

There are also those who work in “movement networking” who would require an overview of the entire understanding and map, or large sectors, which would help them integrate many movements together into a cohesive yet self-organising healing process.

This is an iterative process because the resonant structure of confusion will change as it heals so the points of greatest positive influence will change and the ways to best apply influence will change. Hence the overall approach needs to be encapsulated within the communicated understanding so that people at all levels of self-awareness and in different positions of influence can continuously adapt and continuously apply effective healing to the situation.

These are just preliminary thoughts on the matter and will necessarily evolve as more people input their wisdom and we work towards a clear understanding of what the actual crisis is and how best to holistically heal the situation.