What is the crisis?

It is not that our minds are clear and that there is some objectively real crisis, it is more the case that our minds are so distorted (by false ontologies) that we have become confused and agitated and our confusion and agitation is resonating into a crisis. It is this epidemic of distorted minds and consequent agitated, destructive behaviour that is the crisis.

Reality is as it is and this is reflected within the mind. A distorted mind creates a distorted reflection and through naïve realism we treat the distorted reflection as the reality. These distorted reflections are expressed through language and culture and resonate amongst many distorted minds, becoming even more distorted. Eventually all we come to experience is the distortions in our minds. We succumb to fear and paranoia, and act in holistically destructive ways toward each other and the world.

For more information see Simplified Anatomy of the Global Systemic Crisis and How to Heal Civilisation.