Background Research

In brief, there is something that is real, call it the ongoing process of the real, or more simply reality. From this arises the potential for existence, which manifests as a stream of events or occasions of experience. Consider the analogy where 'mathematics' represents the logic of reality. 'Computation/simulation' represents the symbolic process that is the flow of reality. 'Awareness' represents the experience of the flow of reality. 'Objects' represent the objects of awareness. The 'World' represents a subjective experience that arises in awareness and is shared via the idea of a physical universe.

An important result from the research is that from a perspective embedded within a general virtual reality, a being would experience things to be just as we experience them to be, both according to materialist and mystic descriptions. This implies that it is conceivable that the perceivable universe is actually virtual, and if that was so, then the materialist and mystic paradigms could be unified into a single holistic science.

The research also shed light on evidence that we are on the verge of such a paradigm shift. There is the collapse of empiricism and the world that it engendered, and there is the growing awareness of mystic wisdom. Both of these are evinced by the spread of "new age" thinking and in particular by the convergence of modern science and mystic wisdom. The growth of technology and in particular of information technology is also subtly transforming people's world views. All these factors combine to place us on the cusp of a world changing paradigm shift, a time of great breakthroughs in our understanding, gradually causing all that we previously knew to subtly reform into a new way of knowing and a new way of being.

The research is intended to provide some inspiration and useful information regarding the new paradigm. It primarily focuses on concepts that could assist in laying down the foundations of a new mathematical science of the holistic nature of reality. But it also provides some analysis that is intended to assist people's comprehension of their situation. See for more information.