The Mystic Visions artworks are products of a process of discovery that is a component of ongoing metaphysical research. This research is into the fundamental underlying process that manifests both the phenomenon of perceptual experience and the world of form that is experienced. The particular line of research that resulted in the Mystic Visions process is an exploration into the nature of perceptual processes and the origin of the world of manifest forms.

Raw image data taken from the metaphysical research had the effect of suggesting all kinds of forms to the mind. Download the software and see for yourself (Java) force, space and help file. A selection of them were filtered through a complex image manipulation process to interpret them and draw out their features. Thus the resulting artworks are products of an abstract perceptual process and provide glimpses into an alternate world.

The process is itself a model of the perceptual process through which each of our experiential worlds is created in each moment of existence. It is a re-enactment of the process by which the interpretive filtering of raw existential information results in the arising of manifest forms.

These images give insight into key mystical concepts such as the virtual nature of all manifest forms, the inner Light that animates them and their underlying etheric structure. They also draw attention to the fact that what we see is largely the product of our own minds. In some sense all manifest forms are like the images we can see whilst cloud gazing, only they are more persistent. Therefore, in some way the life that we experience depends on the state of mind through which those experiences are being filtered and the world that we experience says a great deal about the mind that experiences it.

Snoopy Cartoon - Cloud Gazing